The questions you need to ask yourself before you take the credit

manygoodtips.com_27.04.2016_x87M3oGTjp2WLSo, let’s start with the main postulate of all Russia: don’t take the fuck in this country. Don’t, don’t, don’t. This is the beginning of the financial slavery that will cost you years of life. Who takes the credit? Don’t want to hurt you, buddy, but most loans takes a fool that wants to do nothing but want everything.

But what you learn wits? Still going to take it. If you decided to do this sinful act, you put before yourself a few questions. Will be able to answer them – go ahead, do with your financial life what you want. But if the answers you’re not sure, you think about their spontaneous desire.

I have a stable income?

Banks can tell so much nonsense that they and the homeless deems creditworthy. But as you evaluate its condition? Changed over the past year several works? Yesterday I got a promotion? And maybe, just started last Friday? You know, if there is no stability in your earnings, then there is nothing to think about credit. And the stability is learned over time. It is impossible to understand in the first months of the first year. Some loans have to pay for decades. Will you be able to secure money for the next ten years? We all, of course, represent their development, but suddenly you’re stuck in the same place all the time, what then?

Will I be able to repay the loan on time?

manygoodtips.com_27.04.2016_yTlXZxBXqTty5Silly, Yes. But many do not rate their chances, so the manifolds we have are working perfectly with the drive and spark. Calculate schedule of payments to, assess their magnitude and compare with your earnings. With the current earnings, not those that will have you after raising a couple of months. If the numbers don’t add up, then take out a loan is not necessary categorically. But we have a better question, if you do not understand.

Will I be able to pay off the loan early?

If so, then the scales are leaning in your direction, friend. Best of all, when you realize that the loan does not hold you by the balls, and you will be able to repay it in any appropriate time. However, if you can pay it at any time of the day or night, then why bother to take it? Is quite unclear.

If the risk is warranted?

There are times in life when you put all your chips on black 13. Sink or swim! Always about big money and even bigger prize. This situation typically occurs in the moments when we are talking about the credit for opening of business. When you don’t want to go to the top step by step and want to go up to the mountain peak by helicopter. But always evaluate your hand, even in such a case. Crazy risks and fall out of a helicopter is always harder than the steps. If you’re going to get the money for such an adventure, you should burn it to be sure of a happy result thousandfold. If it’s just a fad, then forget about her and live a quiet life.

Am I ready for the consequences?

Are you ready to lose everything? To get rid of houses, cars, washing machines? Are you ready to become a restricted guy never released outside the country? Think about the great opportunity to get acquainted with the courtesy of the collectors. They are real gentlemen, who find a common language with your son and with your wife. If you realize all this, then please to the table, on which lies a pile of gold, which you’ll be forced to return to the fold.

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