The questions you need to ask yourself at the end of the year

I hope you have worked out your business, and you have the time to do them. So, it’s time to do the most unpleasant case which in many ways is the reason for pre-Christmas depression is to sum up the past year. Come on, brag, or Vice versa, be upset with. Just be honest with yourself.

You have achieved your goals?

The end of the year is time to summarize. It is important to understand and appreciate what you did, what did not. But don’t niggle, sprayed even on such minor things, like feeding pigeons. No need to think in terms of virtue: what is the use of you made good deeds, if you own really bad? So take your time to consider transferred across grandmothers, suddenly one of them was to poison his hateful daughter-in-law on the second month of pregnancy. Think scale goals achieved. Just stupid to rate myself a year ago and yourself today. What has changed: which is better, but that on the contrary, in the worst. These achievements should be of interest to you in the first place — your development. Because if man does not develop, he does not live. The world is progressing by leaps and bounds, and if the constant of the dynamics you’re standing on the ground, it is unlikely that the world will take you Besides, what could be the benefit from someone who can’t help themselves?

Became smarter?

How to assess the acquired knowledge? The number of books? The correct answers to the different questions of a quiz? Suit all ways.

Another thing is that without such knowledge, there will be neither development nor movement, nor even happiness. It is known that the more intelligent a person is, the happier it is. Everything else is the best option to keep your mind sharp for long life. Believe me, in old age you’ll need it.

What you did important?

If some people, like politicians, doctors, diplomats, we have to solve and make important deeds every day on duty, the others are the most important things we have to invent. Don’t confuse important with goals and achievements, since in this case we are talking about a faster time. To enroll in important matters, to not necessary, just remember, doing something that changed your or other people’s lives for the better? Maybe something bought, something fixed, something agreed? Remember, if nothing was outstanding, you know what to do next year.

You have become better?

Inevitably the comparison — are you better this year. Another thing is that evaluation criteria are all very different, as are life. Therefore it is necessary to estimate the amount of knowledge, right decision and, of course, your actions towards others.

Most importantly: do not try to be better than someone else — you need to try to be better than the former.

What did you learn?

If last year you learned is that it Wapiti, in plus to bring anything. If you started to learn to build your own time machine started to work without inspiration, and finding motivation, and a conversation with the cactus seem to have stopped people more interesting than you or a year can be called successful. The point is your acquired knowledge have brought at least some benefit.

What I did wrong?

If you dig, you are horrified to notice you’ve mangled more firewood than you think. This is quite normal, it’s a side effect of the active life. There are people whom you have offended, there are a lot of activities that you did somehow. Speak to friends, you find that you have offended them reluctantly. Maybe the lack of attention, maybe the fact that you failed to deliver.

In any case, this is not done in order to realize what a beast, and for the insights. Something will have to change, and some stop repeating mistakes in the future.

What was memorable?

Based on what you thought, and feelings that bind you with this one, you can immediately understand how rich and interesting your life is. Although it may happen that a pigeon stenosisa from the roof can be remembered more than a trip abroad.

What kind of things you’ve postponed for the next year?

Maybe it’s not too late to make them this year? Left a couple of days. But at the same time ask yourself why your first item of the Christmas list for 2016 moved in the list for 2017. It should not be.

What needs to change in the next year?

And here we’re not advisers. How do we know what you need? Importantly, the changes were for the better, and not just because everything else is tired. Try to in December 2017, you would not be ashamed.

Are you happy? Happy? Happy?

Just three question, why? Because the first one is always difficult to answer, what would you do and how old you were. The second is easier. Basically, if you look globally, are you satisfied with how is your life, you feel joy? Be honest with yourself. If the answer is negative, then I hope it’s not because of the previous points made you doubt yourself.

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