The questions you ask yourself after a corporate party

manygoodtips.com_22.12.2014_RF6E049Aocg9pWhen drunk, you can always tell a nonsense – sounds familiar? And it’s not a tragedy if you’re in the company of his true friends. But if you blurted out something extra, for example, at corporate, you run the risk of losing a job in the first half of the next day.

And no matter who you disbosom drunk – a new Intern or even some unknown guy from the logistics Department. For tomorrow your words may know the entire company and, of course, your boss.

Here are some questions and thoughts that come to everyone’s mind after a memorable feast.

1. I know I promised to help one of my colleagues, but just can’t remember who it was.

2. May they all leave me alone.

3. I called his colleague a hot bitch.

4. I’d never been friends with these guys outside of the office.

5. What the hell have the party among the working week?

6. All the employees crazy.

7. Why I didn’t leave the party early?

8. Made hangover at work after a corporate party?

9. Why I have no luck when I try to face my boss? Especially in the empty Elevator.

10. I hope I don’t get fired.

11. What happens at the office party, stays away from the office… or not?

12. My boss got on the dance floor. Maybe it was necessary to stop him?

13. Think about me all the gossip.

14. I hope I didn’t hit the camera lens.

15. Whose vomit?

16. Why am I not wearing any pants?

17. I need drip with water.

18. In my office, sleeping homeless man? Or is this my assistant?..

19. I wasn’t supposed to hit on a colleague.

20. I had to stay home.

21. I think I behaved the worst.

22. The stuff was crappy.

23. How the hell did I get to work on time?

24. Thank God, I never said anything too incriminating about the internal system of correspondence.

25. Why was I the only one who came in costume?

26. I knew I wasn’t supposed to trust some staff members.

27. I’m not supposed to say a toast every time someone wanted a drink.

28. I really, really, really talked a lot. Hell, I generally wouldn’t shut up.

29. I remember that spill on someone wine… I Hope it was not the boss.

30. Why???

31. Lambada still dance? I know how to dance Lambada?

32. I don’t have much and drank yesterday why I feel so bad?

33. And all began so well!..

34. So many regrets…

35. I invited all colleagues to his birthday. I hope they don’t remember that.

36. If I blavou in the bin under the table, no one will notice?

37. Where I was staying?

38. Where’s my money?

39. I’ve read everything his own bawdy poems?

40. I don’t remember anything…

41. It seems to have started the zombie Apocalypse.

42. Why do I feel like everyone hates me, including me?

43. What a long day…

44. It was the worst corporate event in history.

45. This is the best corporative in my life!

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