The questions to ask yourself before choosing a career

Choosing a career path can be a complex issue for everyone. It is unlikely you were born with the full realization that you need to become a sales Manager, a pastor in the rural parish or a Professor of literature. Visionaries we have not met, so for those who don’t know their strengths and are not interested in the choice of a profession may become a real torture. Unfortunately, most people spend most of their time planning holidays and what clothes to wear. They don’t try to find out about a career path, which can be an important part of their lives. Useless.

If you’re standing at a crossroads and don’t know what to do, we are ready to help you. To choose a profession is difficult, but if you put yourself some simple questions and with a pure heart, answer them, then you will be able to reach a new level of understanding of its purpose. No mystery — just a rational approach to their whims and desires.

1 I can see clearly your way? This is the first question you should ask yourself. Most of the decisions we make in the career field come from what we do the last few years. That is, we take an important decision on the basis of temporary employment. This is wrong. You should focus on the long-term vision of life. Imagine that you have to work in one area for more than thirty years. Do you want to do the thing that you love so much now, the whole thirty years? Will you be happy if you choose this way? And this is what we forget most often, but is there a future for the area that you’re busy?

2 Which I will benefit society?

When you choose a career, then do not think about the benefits you could bring to the society. This in our age of hedonism almost nobody think. Wages, working conditions and cooler in the office — that’s what’s important newly-born worker. But then the employee is faced with the fact that his values and ideals did not correspond to what he was doing. That’s why he is not progressing, and its merits are not recognized — it is in conflict with itself.

But we’re smarter than others, or trying to seem so, and therefore ask the question: «What benefit I bring to society?». You need to find a way to help people through their ordinary work responsibilities. For example, not a good COP just doing his job, but also save the lives of others. A good lawyer saves people from bad cops. A good judge never takes the side of the powerful, because it focuses on the law. Sounds ridiculous and implausible, but such people live in harmony with ourselves. Therefore, when choosing a career, think about how you are going to help people. Moral pleasure no one has yet prevented. 3 I want to be remembered? In a world of several billion people. And each of them is special. Someone who likes the right stick Twix, and someone left. But we remember other people, not because they’re doing simple, mundane and everyday things. We remember people so that they become «someone». For example, Yuri Gagarin became a cosmonaut — he’s cool, despite the fact similar to a regular guy. Kevin Smith became a Director — he is also cool because even his bad movies deserve watching, because they are abnormal from the point of view of a Comedy routine, but brought to tears if you love the Comedy of the absurd and the dialogues.

All these people can be called successful because they have left their mark in history — they are not focused on short-term gains. Their work is a long climb to the top of mount Olympus. It’s hard, but isn’t it better to stand next to such titans, to prove that you are really worth something?

If you have a crazy idea that you have to realize, you don’t give up on her. If you want to jump above their heads and jump. Nobody needs to stop, because you are the master of your life. Make a bet on long-term goals.

4 I’m ready to discipline?


It is not enough just to choose a career, you also need to adequately assess their personality. It is absolutely true when it comes to different disciplinary penalties. If you want to work in a cool and powerful company, where everyone is just a cog in the system, without which you can do, be prepared for the fact that there will be discipline in the army. For example, in some Japanese companies late in one minute is the reason to deduct wages from your job for the day. Some Russian companies practice fines or dictatorial management. From this, there is a large turnover of staff, the crisis provides an opportunity to safely hire new employees.

In General, what are we? The discipline problem is serious not only for bosses who want to improve the health of their employees. We understand them all too well, because the money no one does not want to lose. But the problem of discipline is a serious test for those who simply can not. Anyway, if you’re not working, then no discipline will not help you — you also have to remember.

5 Who will cry when I die? Our ideal funeral should be held under the noise energetic jazz, the explosions of firecrackers and erotic dance of Brazilian women. But most people prefer the classics, when there is a coffin and raw land. But the funeral is not as important as the reactions of others to them. Full of cases where the dead curse for what they have done in life.

But there is a universal sadness for those that did their job well and brought a lot of good in life. Leonard Cohen, Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Steve jobs commemorated with a kind word even those who never personally knew. Why? These people just changed the history and gave hope of the world. This simple case will not name, but we think in choosing a career it is necessary to aspire to that which can draw you to people whose death will not cry only close. Is this your perfectionism, but sometimes it is appropriate, we think, you know he’s fine.

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