The questions to ask in an interview

manygoodtips.com_10.04.2014_cxjIKbDKVjpJ1The usual story: you came to the interview, bought it half an hour, and then you ask: «Do you have any questions for me?» It seems that you are trying to catch. Need to ask questions, just do not just about holidays and salary. We have to show the employer that you’re serious and fit him better than everyone else. What to ask the person who wants to hire you for a job?

1. Will look like my typical work day?

If you think that your interlocutor is nervous or does not take you seriously, this simple and non-abstract question breaks the ice.

2. How did you get this job?

If you want to know how much time exists in the organization you are interested in the position, how many people took it before and why it was released — you are welcome. If the job is new, I wonder why the firm needs an employee.

3. Describe the strengths and weaknesses of a man who was working on this post before me

In other words, what guidelines you need to follow. What to avoid and what to emphasize. A great chance to find out what happened with your predecessor. How the employer answers the question, I will tell you a lot about the staff turnover in this company.

4. The challenges that I will face?

You were wondering about the shortcomings of its future work. Interesting to look confident and fearless in the face of problems.

5. How can you improve your team?

It seems that you answer honestly? This is important. Now you have the opportunity to talk about their skills that could be useful.

6. What are the prospects for improvement?

So, you will demonstrate your ambition. Yes you’re a big man!

7. What criteria will be evaluated in my job?

If you want to learn more about the priorities of their superiors and about what is important in your future work, ask about it.

8. Why do you like working here?

The smart way to learn about the company’s values, its ethics and corporate culture — these things usually judge how successful it is.

9. Who can be called the most successful people in the company and why?

The issue with a double bottom. See how you will respond, what tone of voice. If all is well, the lucky and the drums will tell with enthusiasm and enthusiasm.

10. How do you evaluate me?

The question on the forehead. It will help you to know how well you handled the interview, and how you look. When you ask about the criticism, it speaks about your enthusiasm and desire to develop and correct their own mistakes and ability to recognize them.

Don’t ask questions the answers to which can be found on the website of the company. You’ll look unprepared and even lazy. Better check with the information on the website and ask questions on the basis of acquired knowledge.

Try to remember these questions, they will play a role, no doubt, of course, if you know what not to do in the interview.

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