The questions that will help you come to success


The idea of success itself is strange because the concept of success is purely subjective. Success can mean money, status, and love, and anything else.

Many people measure success in money, so happened. When looks at the rich man, immediately begin to think what it will succeed or how he was lucky with the inheritance. Actually, happiness is not the case, but rather to do the work that you like. In short, everything comes back to work.

Whatever you thought was a success, you cannot deny that it is necessary to achieve success: it doesn’t fall on your head like a bag with a million dollars. Some people like to think that the blame luck, others prefer the main role of motivation that helps you reach heights.

When it comes to achieving success, for some reason people are starting to ask themselves the wrong questions. It’s like that burning desire to sail from Russia to America and primarily in this context to ask how to call the ship that will float.

The first time after high school is always something uncertain and scary because you’re worried about that you should not worry. «I have to get a job? And when they come to success?»

From childhood we are taught that we have to work and have a purpose, but we look at it at the wrong angle. Sometimes you need to look at things from the other side and ask yourself other questions. They do have power and can give you the necessary mood and inspiration.

For example, often we ask ourselves: «How much money I want to earn to consider yourself successful?» Instead, it is better to ask something like: «What would I like to do the rest of your life, if money played no role?»

Wrong question:

«I have a degree. When will I start earning?»

Sad but true: education is not a guarantee of success, especially in our days. Many graduates find work to maintain the pants, which does not require a College degree, because I do not see any alternatives. And it’s sad.

It would be better to have no education if it pushes you into this trap and it’s worth the money.

The right question:

«How can I use my education to be of interest to employers?»

Now that’s a good question! To have an education is not enough, but if you have it, it is already an advantage! Unfortunately, for the device to work you need not only education in most cases.

First, write a summary, though it should be included including an internship that you held while studying. This is important. Pay you or not does not matter: the important thing is that you have experience, do not be shy to display it. If your education is backed up by some experience, you become much more attractive.

If you have additional education in the field that you’re proud of, talk about it and highlight it, but remember that if you can something to brag about, it does not mean that you are guaranteed to come to success. You still have work to do.

Wrong question:

«How much should I earn?»

Many, many people are motivated by money. Their success is measured in money. When you ask yourself the question about salary, you automatically lose a very important detail: what kind of work you enjoy?

It is possible to argue that the money guarantee serenity and not allowed to be poor. Of course, when you choose a job, you pay attention to the salary: it is necessary that you at least had enough to live on, but people mostly aim at the largest of the available wages. In fact anything over and above the necessary for you has no value.

If you were offered a million dollars a year and the opportunity to sit on his ass ten hours a day, you would have refused. If you for the same money offered to sit at the computer and be a technical support which every day listens to disturbed clients, you would have refused. If you think well, you would have refused. Or would try, you wouldn’t like it and you would have abandoned midway.

At the time, I was sent to study in med to be a dentist and to row money with a shovel. Of course, to save people from the pain — nice mission, but the science I was always bad, and I could be a dentist is pretty mediocre, to earn well, but do not feel satisfaction.

You probably know what I mean. Just give me enough money and ability to live in peace with yourself and the rest doesn’t matter.

The right question:

«What I would like to do the rest of your life if money had no value?»

The answer to this question will help you make the right decision. Would you be happy doing the same thing right now if you hadn’t had the direct need of money?

To be honest, I still don’t know what I want. I tried myself different, although the samples were very superficial — but it is still easier to understand what you want, cutting off all non-empirically.

The main thing is to have enough money to pay the bills and buy food on the table. If you love your job, you’re happy. If you have every morning to go to work in a pleasant excitement — you’re happy.

Money makes you happy, but it is noticeable only up to a certain amount. Studies show that the amount of money affect happiness only indirectly.

That is two main issues. Both require a good mood and affect all your actions. If you think that the University enough for you to succeed, you will have less motivation to consider all options and understand that the reality is nothing is guaranteed. A piece of paper — that’s education.

If you ask yourself about money, you think money solves everything. The sum attracts you, but replace does she give you pleasure and satisfaction?

The mood is what dictates our lives and guides our actions, even if you don’t realize it.

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