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In fact, this article we really had to work hard. Or rather, to sit and remember all the situations that we had in life. The fact that we understand sometimes very important to begin to control. And how best to control myself? With a few rules. And how to understand that you need to apply these rules? You need to put a couple of important issues. What? But what. Note that if you’re wrong optimistic or unhappy and don’t want to admit it, these questions you yourself will never deliver. And it would be necessary.

1. «Should I go back?»

Very often in our life there is a need to return to the point from which it all began. It may be something radical: divorce, dismissal or selection point. many men hate to start all over again, but the problem is that to start over in your time account for each. The Tibetan monks have a fun practice: within two weeks, make a beautiful pattern of colorful sand on the ground, and after two weeks of hard and long work they destroy it in just a few seconds. It teaches them humility and understanding that to return is common and not a sign of failure.

2. «What makes me happy?»

This is an important question. When you start any business, you need to understand whether it will lead to happiness, or at least the absence of unhappiness and suffering. Out of it something worthwhile or not. If you ask yourself this question at the appropriate time, there is a chance to optimally plan their activities.

3. «We need to do now to change the situation?»

Instead of blaming yourself or other people, you need to score the whole thing and to make every effort to remedy the situation.

4. «What am I doing wrong?»

A crucial question that should always be put instead of the traditional: «For me it all!? What did I do before the universe?» The rejection of this question is that the truth is a hundred times worse. You can unexpectedly realize that the work which you have chosen yourself — none of your business, a hobby does not bring happiness, people close to close — no not close, and there after an eight — error. In short, the meeting with truth is the most unpleasant in the world.

5. «What to try else?»

When we suffer defeat, the forces on something else, it seems not. But it’s not. You need to constantly test your willpower, particularly when, instead of desire to fight passion as you want to hide or run away. Because there is always something to do.

6. «How can I make myself?»

One I have myself not force. To motivate properly. But to make and use the willpower you need. So, friend, you must be dreaming. Yes, it may sound nifiga not cool, but dreams are not female fun. Dream is the best picture of the goal and the best motivation. But only dream of or only plan still not worth it. Let your head be in the clouds, mind busy with plans, and feet on the ground. And you will have happiness!

7. «Why am I doing this?»

The whole should be the goal. And priority. Arrange your priorities and remember how to do things; what’s important and what can be sacrificed. So you will be able to understand how you to do everything and you don’t need. Besides, if the goal is ambiguous, the case is unlikely to be value for you.

8. «What other questions I should be asking?»

Not less important question. Think about it at leisure. The most important questions may be: «is this the lass?» «Should I change jobs?», «I Want a family» or «the answer to a major question about the world, the universe and everything?»

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