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The most annoying thing in the fitness and other physical activities, which are designed to strengthen our body in the conditions of insufficient physical activity is the question of motivation. Hell, one of my friend seriously has such low motivation in your fitness activity that she has every week to go to the blog some LJ celebrity Elena Miro to get for a week required dose of motivation and visit hated all my heart gym otpahat it required an hour and a half and return to your normal office life. In this blog, by the way, just insult the girls whose body mass index is considered normal, calling them fat (I have some of them also think thick). The fat there gets too. The question of motivation in a lesson, a very important friend. The answer seems to be obvious. You workout to look better or be stronger. If you look better, you’ll be more competitive against the girls. If you’re stronger, so you have more chances to move heavy things or deal with the dude in the fight. But you still too lazy, so how do you stay motivated?

Just change

When I begin to have problems with the issues of motivation for morning runs or trips to the gym, I’m doing very specific feint ears: we rise out of bed, go to shower, wipe off, wear a tracksuit and… I have to go for a run or to the gym, because otherwise I’m a complete moron, if you first get dressed, then take all this off and climbs under the blanket. And I have to go for a run.

Do it the first time

When you get tired at work when your boss is not the most pleasant pepper and bother you with silly tasks, and colleagues full LAMER, then you’re less likely to lust to think about training after work. You’ll think about a good bottle of beer or another booze or on a piece of greasy food. Most dudes, even if they were doing sports, believe that going to the gym is an additional waste of energy. In fact, exercise is the best way to get rid of stress accumulated during the day. Exercise relieves stress much better than a bottle of wine or a hamburger from McDonald’s. The only problem is that you need to start training, and this is the most difficult.

Go then, when a crowded hall

many men hate crowded rooms, and I’m aware of this, but in the crowded people of the halls have their own undeniable dignity. When you see many people around who are actively working, sweating and grunting, when there are a couple of beautiful uploaded ladies, you have additional a strong enough incentive to swing even. Practice visits to the gym during the most popular hours (though if you work, then you have it will somehow turn out).

Make a plan and kick it in the organizer on the phone

If you want to become stronger and have the body-ladies ‘ dream, start to plan. Seriously, without planning you may achieve something, but it will go a long way. Go to eat at certain times, and to ensure that you do not miss it became a voice alert in the phone. If you have a lunch break, blockage work, still get up from the workplace and go to eat, on an empty stomach it seems worse, and extra fuel has a positive effect on muscle building. So do the exercising. Come up certain days, measure the time and only go during these hours.

Compared to cardio in the gym with cardio in the fresh air

You begin your way to a beautiful body or a strong muscle, but here the main thing — not to lose motivation. A few times a week makes sense to press the Stop button on the treadmill or the «OFF» button on the elliptical or go outside? Your town probably has a bike rental shops, so why not take a bike for a couple of hours and not drive on city streets if you have no opportunity to buy a bike? Same garbage with Jogging in the morning. Only I beg you, buy some proper shoes and run on the surface of the elastic. This surface can be a path in the Park, Jogging track at the stadium or soft turf. This will help you keep the joints.

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