The question is, what should ask yourself every dude

manygoodtips.com_18.03.2014_4GPR0t747lmCmLife is a bunch of answers to little questions: what to wear to work? Than lunch? To go home on the subway or bus? (By the way, with age I realized that life can give, in principle, any determination not to make a mistake: like all our life is a game; life is a long jump from the vagina to the grave — you can invent anything and make it look like wisdom, but back to the little questions).

Small questions are important because they help us resolve everyday problems. The whole thing is that usedonthe majority of people do not take the trouble apart from the small questions to ask and even more. Real questions. The questions may change for the best. Often we do not find time for it and not think about the things that really matter to us.

We came up with five questions that needs to answer every man. Get alone, sit in silence and think. The answers may surprise you!

1. How happy I was today on a scale of 1 to 10?

In answering this question, take into consideration from all spheres of life. What number you wanted to call, be honest with yourself. But then you will be monitored.

2. What kind of life I would like to keep?

Think about what will happen in ten years. If you continue to live the same as now, you happy? Are you satisfied with their relationships, work, health? Imagine your ideal life. How is it different from what you’re doing now? Visualization helps us understand what needs to change.

3. How I envision success?

For someone success is a good understanding of the industry. For someone to take a year off and go traveling. For some, this is amendment health and relationship with family. Find out for yourself what your definition of success, and don’t let others be confused. It’s your life.

4. What brings me joy?

Do you like to write, read, sing, teach other people, to cut a fret saw? Whatever it is, make time and practice!

5. What can I do in the next two weeks to bring joy and to live meaningfully?

This is the interesting point. All of the above is also important, but the answers to these questions will not change your life by themselves, if you don’t start to act. Start with a small. Get a blog. Sign up for cooking classes. Talk to a friend, moved to Europe, schedule a meeting. You know that you might please, — don’t postpone joy for later!

All the answers are inside you. You have everything you need to lead a life that you like. The main thing — to understand what you want.

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