The psychology of small wins

manygoodtips.com_7.04.2016_o46pmD7qUJVflOne well-known nutritionist, who later became a good motivator, talked about how he one day came a client who complained that she could no longer to eat any cereal for Breakfast, or walk every day for exercise. Just can’t, I’m sick of the root. Wondering how to bring the mattress up, they developed the concept of little victories. A kind of incentives to live, work and, most importantly, to hold mode and the intended target. The concept is good, because its use can be seen not only in fitness, but in life.

Less is better

No matter the scale of your victories. If you jumped over the goat all beautiful in the eyes of the girls did not win the Olympics, it does not mean that you have nothing to be proud of. Micropolicy just set the dynamics to great achievements, and if they are many, they result in a nice winning streak.

The accumulation of small victories not only allows you to realize your goal, but also generates a winning mentality and destroys unwanted habits. Even basic Smoking cessation and uptake of oatmeal instead of the traditional and not very useful egg lay the Foundation for further action. All at once not think of any big success is forged a smaller.

Intrinsic brain a boost

When you start your day with a small victory and collect minidrive during the day, you lay the Foundation for the basis of their successes, thanks to the dynamics created by you. Then to stop is difficult too, enjoy the triumphs. Any victory over himself, over complex, over laziness is a habit, and all the rest – it autopilot. Start the day with, to squeeze from the chest more or the same as yesterday, it becomes a utopia.

If the victory over?

This is the real beauty in small victories. They are so small and simple that if you stop to get them, all you have to do is accept the loss, not to dwell on it and move on. Passed, you start to win more.

Not performed today given itself the promise? Nothing to worry about. Just start the next day with a new little victory, and you’re back in the game. These victories as a great way to break the cycle when you feel knocked down or fell out of a true sport mode.

You don’t have to think about how you brush your teeth in the morning, although it couldn’t hurt. But there are other habits that directly affect your willingness to take on the day. From what you eat, how you work, sleep quality and stress levels.

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