The pros and cons of life with a friend

the pros and cons of life with a friendI recently decided to take this peasant act and moved in with his girlfriend. We used to see each other often, sometimes left each other to sleep, but to live together is another matter entirely. Now I know why good and why bad to live with a friend.

Plus 1: Food

Before, when I lived alone, I ate or pasta, or pizza, or buckwheat. What am I now? Fried chicken, salad, buckwheat with mushrooms, and even some Apple pie. Now I have a complete meal with several courses and even desserts. Me like opened the door in some lovely restaurant, which has always been by my side. I didn’t know. In addition, I love the rule «I cook — you clean». To wash the dishes is nothing compared to a Royal dinner.

Minus 1: Food

I sometimes still want to eat some garbage, and ashamed because she made everything. Well, do not raise a hand I have to buy a big Mac when at home so much food.

Plus 2: Purity

I admit it is very nice to walk around the apartment without Slippers when the feet do not stick any garbage. It’s nice when nothing It’s nice when things are in their places. When the tub is always an inherent white color. Toilet smell. And no hair on the floor in the bathroom.

Minus 2: Purity

Now I don’t have to litter. I have to put things back in place. Understand that and do all normal people, but I somehow it turns out that after cleaning just a couple of days all things are stretched and lie where they will climb to the head. So I find it hard to move quickly.

Plus 3: It monitors total reserves

Now gone are those times when I in case, wipe with crumpled newspaper. Now the house always has soap, not ends shampoo and air freshener — it would cost me a great effort, and she naturally keeps that in mind. Such neat. It has cotton pads and cotton swabs, paper handkerchiefs — all you you need.

Minus 3: the Space in the bathroom

Well, it’s true, it takes 98% of all places and now I have even shitting on schedule, take a shower beforehand — it would be necessary even to move a toothbrush in the kitchen so as not to disturb her. If she brushes her teeth and I go with the same intention, she dismisses me: «I brush my teeth,» although actually she’s just trying to say: «Get out of my space».

Plus 4: Comfortable bed

We sleep on my couch where I had slept alone. It’s not the most comfortable thing in the Universe, and I worried that sleeping on it would be shit, especially when close to sleeping more and the second person. You have no idea how wrong I was! She has some magic blankets, baby soft, padded, and I sleep as if on clouds.

Minus 4: to Lock your doors

I do not think I locked myself in my entire life, we do not live in the village. But I didn’t do it so manic. Girls are obsessed with security they need to feel secure, especially at night: «And suddenly who’s going in?» And here I was trying to close one lock, another lock, and finally the latch. And in the morning just as painful open. Not necessary to close: it closes the door behind me when I go to work, and it is so nice. Yeah, dude, this is probably a plus.

Plus 5: The Washing

I used to gather the dirty linen, while this mountain is not turned on Olympus. Then I was jerked out of my mountain of dirty Laundry, some clothes and panaseal them again. And then washed all together every Millennium. Because all the time forgotten. All right now, and you surely understand.

Minus 5: General TV

Now we have to look all only a decision taken by consensus. Sometimes I want a basketball, and she’s a soap Opera. Sometimes I want video blogs, and it show «Top model American» (thank you, though not in Russian). Sometimes I want cartoons, and she — black Romanian Arthouse film. It is necessary to combine.

Plus 6: Regular sex

Sorry, pictures will not suddenly read her parents. We are 20, we live together and we don’t Hristos. Here everything is clear.

Minus 6: Oh, I don’t want the minus

Let it be minus one less. I like to live with your woman.

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