The problems of freelancing, or how to prove to the customer that he is wrong

manygoodtips.com_24.03.2015_kbIp0n1QSXV5VFreelancer – a person, not protected by anything except the word of honor and agreement. Sometimes he has to go on about the customer and perform extra work. Let’s look at how to avoid the hateful edits and make them uncomfortable for the customer.

The script

After the customer accepted it, he has no right to change it. If the client will understand that the script he doesn’t like, please let me go. The customer is always right. Just for the money, or to be more precise, for a double payment. Because the script is the core. And come up with a new scenario – in fact, to do double the job you love to do, if you get paid again.


Late – your problems

It happens that the client needs to send you their materials (photos, videos, tables, statistics) for, say, a week before the end of the workflow. But, as always happens, our busy employer remembered it only a day before the so called deadline. The fact that he did not provide timely material – his fault. Let increases the time and does not require the delivery of the project in accordance with the numbers in the contract (by the way, in the contract, this paragraph should be spelled out).

Or worse: the customer realized that, for example, in the presentation we need different materials and require to replace them. What do we do in such cases? Helmet it to hell! To demand as much as he can, but try to explain to him beforehand that if he lost time and just did not understand what he wants, let him pay the money.


The sound is everything

Problem that often faced riggers, animators and cameramen. It is connected with sound. Sometimes when almost everything is ready, when the scene is arranged on timelining, the customer unexpectedly sends you a new track. No, it happens that the replacement sound, the overall picture does not change. But sometimes, especially in animation, everything is installed under sound. What do we do? That’s right – the required money for additional efforts, because everything is measured in the complexity of the process.


The genius of disappearance

For example, the customer on discussion of the project build from a terrible Karabas and threatened that he would personally control all the intermediate stages of the project, to approve or disapprove the nuances. But you have already started the work and he does not communicate. Call him – the phone is not available. Send material via email and no feedback. And then after a week it appears so beautiful, looking at the work already done and beginning to correct, to criticize, to argue, to criticize and to say, how to do it. So, don’t run to fix it. You as agreed? He step by step, in person or through Trustees will monitor the progress of the work. Where was he all these 7 days? Yes, if it’s not your problem! If you do not interfere in the course of work, so it was all arranged. Wants to fix something – let him pay the reward. And no matter if he was lying in a hospital or vacationing on the seas. This is the problem of the customer. In the end, you’re sure that everything is done correctly.


Time is money

If the customer resorts to you with wild eyes and requires to be accelerated, hinting that he needs to get the product on the 27th, and the 20th, feel free to increase the price tag. You will have to accelerate, to work in uncomfortable conditions. Be bold, of course, if he’s not asking to accelerate the fact that you yourself do not have time to make the material within the stipulated time frame.


Sudden surprise

A very common problem, when on the eve of the delivery of the project, it appears that changing the technical parameters. For example, a client suddenly requires you additionally the mobile version of the site, although it was only on normal. Or have you removed the ads, and it turns out that, in addition to the minute viral video, it needs 2 short and one movie to another format for cinemas. You, of course, hear about this for the first time. What to do? You’ve probably already guessed: to charge for the videos of this format.

There is another problem, and it concerns most of the operators. Happens about the following: the client has no technical equipment that can play you created the product. And so, excited, he asks to change the format. What do we do? Right or take the money, or send him to hell, because, in fact, it’s not your problem.


The contract

But to make it all work, you need to very wisely and carefully prescribe all the details in the contract. The Treaty is the only hope of a freelancer for justice. If the customer offers to work without a contract, say no. No matter how good it may seem, inside under the mask of kindness hides a bald Troll base. Even if the client is in his eyes, I swear eternal friendship, and to say that his word is firmer than peas – is not working. Menace: «don’t You respect me?», – not too serious, and how the argument looks as convincing as Mr. Bean in the role of king Leonidas.

Prove all of the above points of agreement, indicate the number of edits. No matter how it relates to the customer, even though calls him a worthless piece of paper, and uses for other purposes. The important thing is that you can always refer to the clauses of the contract and just leave the project if the client interferes with the work process very actively. And most importantly – without remorse.



The most enjoyable part of any job advance. Ask him the same zeal as pouring beer to the line! If the client refuses to give an advance, it is better to have them not work. Most likely, he is not clean. An advance is given before starting the work and serves as a kind of insurance policy and guarantor of the observance of the clauses of the contract. If the customer promises to make an advance during the working process, give up – the only way! And I will remain with nothing, as my grandfather was in the famous fairy tale.

But the most important is to respect all the clauses of the contract and make it so that not to paint himself into a corner. If some of you disagree, then please waste your time. No one bothers you.

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