The problem lazy people’t you think that life is too loved? We have everything about what can only dream of, and the work does not require great effort, but we still lazy. Lazy and lazy. And again lazy. And again. Lazy people have their own, understandable only to them the problem.

1. You cannot call a person who does not want to do. You just don’t want to do things that need you effort. Or movement. Or having to go outside. Or having to wear pants.

2. Stylish casual and light stubble — your choice. Not because you all of a macho man: you’re just Wake up late and have to shave in the evening and once in three days. But all it seems that you did it on purpose.

3. You’re sorry that not every restaurant and cafe have the opportunity to buy food, sitting in the car.

4. You ignore the phone for hours and even days , not because I hate people. You just do not particularly want to lie about what you’re doing now and why you don’t want to leave the house. And so, people you hate, too little.

5. As a child you hated physical education. Now, nothing has changed and you truly hate the gym. Are you ready to do anything not to sweat on the treadmill and pull weights.

6. You think you live in a blessed agewhen you can pay another person to do for you and anything for you, and saved you from the suffering. Unfortunately, there is no technology that you open the door or take a shower when you have no strength and desire.

7. Ideal relationship is when you’re planning a weekendduring which you will lie on the couch and watching a movie, ordering a pizza and rolls. Unfortunately, not all girls it seems like a great time. Problem.

8. You can’t understand why all the polls people post on social media a photo of yourself on bikes, with backpacks and tents, skateboards — you think you can not understand this fashion. Like you’re something hopelessly lost. Really, how can you hitchhike to the sea, or go mountain Biking? This is necessary to make efforts…

9. You know that it is better to eat less than to exercise more — so the faster you lose the weight. So you’re genuinely sorry for everyone who wakes up at five in the morning running and Jogging at the gym, lifts weights and barbells. (Just kidding, fitness is important, just because you justify yourself every day when you eat Breakfast, lunch and dinner).

10. Are you one of those who would rather sleep all night with the TV onthan get out of bed to find the remote and turn it off. This prospect remains a hypothetical scenario that can be applied to other areas of your life: it is better to endure the inconvenience than to inflict itself even more uncomfortable to get rid of first.

11. You always do everything at the last moment, and it’s not because you procrastinitis (although that too), but because you just don’t want to.

12. Has never been the case that your house has been completely assembled and organized. Do you think that’s supposed to look like a house in which someone lives.

13. Your favorite activities is to lie down, NAP and something to watch. Sounds like you’re stupid, but that’s life. To yourself you can finally admit the truth.

14. Do you prefer to shop online.

15. When you understand that the places at the entrance there, then turned around and went home. Then you told everyone that it was a lot of people, but you and I both know the truth.

16. You appreciate his desire to work on time that will be spent on it.

17. You are the most skilled liar in history — at least among his friends. You think that your skill has grown into an art and worthy of respect or even advanced degree.

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