The printed masterpieces of the military industry

If all inventions were realized, the world would have evolved much faster or around there would be an incredible absurdity. Why? And look, dude, it equipment, from sci-Fi movies, the pseudo-comedies.

1. Submarine

manygoodtips.com_19.04.2015_knn413OJ8Y3gb«Submarine in the steppes of Ukraine died in an unequal air battle». Soviet folk art.

Maybe someone watched the movie «Earth’s core»? The film the earth’s core stops spinning, which is fraught with consequences for all mankind. To save everyone from Armageddon, a group of American scientists (and someone else!) and engineers created an underground boat, which goes right to the core of the Earth to recover its rotation by the explosion of several atomic bombs.

All this, of course, incredible nonsense, but this strange story. In the XX century, several countries, including the USSR and Germany, has developed an underground boat. The prototype for them was the tunneling shield. The first tunneling shield was used in the UK during the construction of the tunnel under the Thames in 1825. By the way, the tunnels in Moscow and St. Petersburg were built by applying the same device.

Really started this project in the 1930-ies. One was a mad scientist by the name Tribalesque. Then one day he created an underground device called a «subterrene». But he did not even think about using the underground boats for military purposes. He believed that his «subterrene» will apply for the exploration, the digging of tunnels under the municipal needs and for mining. For example, an underground boat could make it to the underground storage of crude oil held out to him the pipeline, which could pump the «black gold» to the surface. Even today, this invention seems fantastic.

About the invention of the Soviet scientist learned the treacherous fascist background Horner Vern. However, he perfected the device for military purposes, to do everything to the «underground worm» had a capacity of 300 kg of explosives and 7 man crew. However, the German bid was convinced of the futility of the project, and therefore, prot wrapped.

And here was a project that gathered dust in the archives of Lubyanka until he turned his gaze Khrushchev and affected by the project, ordered the construction of a plant in the Crimea. For the sake of space under the factory even moved the whole town, however, all in vain.

Thus, the project could hit: a titanium cylinder with a diameter of 3 meters and a length of 25 meters, has a pointy nose and stern. «Subterrene» was managed by a crew of five and could carry a ton of weapons and 15 men. The speed of its movement under the ground was 15 km/h. Not as much as I would like, but nuclear submarines could take the underground boat to the shores of the United States. But tests showed that it is easier to spend millions on the development of a loud, noisy, but more efficient aircraft, than explodes under the ground vundervaflâ. Yes, it exploded, ditching everyone who was on Board. The result: a whole, unnecessary plant, the failed experiment, which lasted years and which had only 15 people dead. And inspiration for the group, otherwise it is difficult to explain why they took such a masterpiece as «Star pile».

2. Flying saucer

manygoodtips.com_19.04.2015_Lm9vL7d82EPG0About how the Germans were interested in the supernatural and mythical been said. Their experiments with flying machines suspiciously like flying saucers, is also mentioned several times. However, still more questions than answers. Reputable people claim to have produced several models of aggressive flying saucers. About why they did not mass-produce, eloquently tells of the observations of the eyewitness.

«Flight judging by the rocking, were unstable. And when he hit a particularly strong gust of wind from the Baltic, the unit turned in the air, began to lose altitude. I breathed a stream of burning a mixture of ethanol and hot air. The sound of the impact, the crunch of broken parts… the body of the pilot hung limply from the cockpit. Immediately skin debris, filled with fuel, wrapped in blue flame. Exposing the still hissing jet engine – and then a crash: apparently blew up a tank of fuel…»

It or not, it is still not clear. Some argue that, except for a couple of beautiful photos, nothing was found (no drafts, no memoirs), others point out that the drawings were still found. Soviet scientists considered «borrowed» equipment, but realized that nothing is more ridiculous in the world was not yet created. It is better to develop aircraft, than unreliable plates. And there is nothing to mow down the aliens.

3. Military robot

Porada.kom.ua_19.04.2015_z5YMM6XDNhOKHIn the era of the surge of interest in science fiction, the Americans have created a machine that looked rather like a machine from the distant future, sung Bredberri than something more tangible and relevant. Robot Walking Truck was designed and created in 1965 by Ralph Mosher (Ralph Mosher), engineer of the General Electric company. Weight wonderwaffle was 1360 pounds. The robot was designed to carry cargo over rough terrain and to implement other activities with the aim of supporting employees infantry and special forces.

Robot Walking Truck was guided by a specially trained person. His clumsiness and little movement speed, which was only eight kilometers per hour, the robot is more than compensated for by its power that gives him the opportunity one kick to push the jeep, which got stuck in the mud, or destroy the barricade with blows of the fore limbs.

It would seem that the smart device use – do not want! But in spite of all future prospects, the Walking Truck was too cumbersome and slow for practical use, therefore, later General Electric were quick to minimize potential for development of the entire military robotics equipment. Currently, the prototype robot Walking Truck is in the Museum of military transportation, Fort Eustis, Virginia. Look at him and think: a work from «Star wars» – quite the real thing.

4. Carriers of all stripes

manygoodtips.com_19.04.2015_NuUiQRwsTffOHIn the first half of the twentieth century it was believed that the more the better. Projects to create huge fighting machines in the first half of the twentieth century, there seemed to be something fantastic. The giant airships-carriers in a series of such inventions military designers occupy a special place. They are created in only two countries – USA and Germany.

Military aircraft of the time, both fighters and bombers could not make long flights for lack of fuel. To solve this problem and have been called «air» carriers. Now the combination of the words «military aircraft carrier» seems nonsense, but in fact in those days the engineers broke not one bright head, thinking about how to extend the «flight» aircraft.

In April 1933, in America, the engineer Carl Hanstein announced it is ready to fly the airship «Macon», and then was born «twin», «Akron». «Macon» was able to raise in the sky 5 planes F9C «Sparrowhawk».

The mechanism of production of aircraft from blimps and their return was very simple. The plane was attached to the airship with massive hooks. From the pilot just need that special care when returning to base».

But this project failed for a different reason. Vulnerability is huge and slow the Zeppelin exceeded all acceptable norms. And low maneuverability made them the perfect target. Shoot, don’t want to, but at the same time and destroy a few planes. As they say, in one fell swoop two birds with one stone. As experience has shown, fighting airships poorly tolerated bad weather, so the engineers continued to wrestle. He «Macon» «lived» only for two years. February 12, 1935, he got caught in a storm and crashed to the ground.

Was another great example of Japanese submarine aircraft carrier. However, by 1943 the Japanese had made only 2 copies, and did not participate in hostilities. First, it was very expensive, and secondly, they are managed only by the kamikaze pilots, because the return to base the aircraft was quite difficult. But to 43-year disposable pilots had been taken under control, because to squander the people was a luxury.

All of these devices are more like phantasmagoria from «Bioshoka». A pity, I wonder how it has evolved military equipment if the airships continued to surf the heavenly spaces.

5. Scooter-gun of the most extravagant military instruments of the twentieth century can rightly be considered a scooter, equipped with a gun for 75-millimeter shells used by French connection. After the Second world war there was an acute shortage of funds to adequately protect the country, while Europe has raised production capacity and economy. Therefore, when there were at least some free money, the government tried to spend it most economically and creatively. Five parachutes meant a group of two French soldiers, with charges, ammunition, and two scooters. One scooter loaded gun, on the other – shells and cartridges. Most interesting is that the gun fired effectively on the move. Price – $ 500 for a scooter with a gun. French army bought 800 fully-equipped scooters. Confirmed information about the fact that the scooter-guns used in military conflicts, no.

I think there is no need to explain why this «miracle» was never used in the industry? Just on this scooter, especially not ride on the road. Even with the prefix «war», the scooter remains scooter. And then, when the money came, was not spared and put the gun in, say, a car. And guns are better.

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