The principles of successful business from Richard Branson

Sir Richard Branson is one of the richest men in England and around the world. Father is a giant Corporation of the Virgin Group, which brings together more than four hundred different companies, from stores selling DVDs, to private publishing houses and radio stations. His name has become a household name, a recognizable brand. Books written by them have become bestsellers. He lives an active life, trying to break the Guinness record, does charity work and tries to solve environmental issues, not least through funding. About the Richard Branson have you read (or read), and now we picked the best quotes from the most famous of his books-motivators. Such as, «Naked business» and «To hell with it! Try and do it!», which helps the beginners to make things right, well and you of course, if you decided to open your business.

«Challenging yourself, you grow. Change your life. View of the world becomes an affirmation of life. To achieve goals is not always easy, but that’s no reason to stop. Never say «give up». Always repeat: «I can. And I’ll keep on trying until you succeed».

«A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. And if you’re wondering about where it ends, but still draw in the imagination all the long grueling miles between the beginning and the end of the path, representing all await you in danger, you may never take that first step. And what would you like to achieve in life — don’t make the effort, you’ll never reach your goal.»

«I believe in the goal. To dream is never bad, but I have to this practical approach, I do not sit, immersed in dreams of the impossible. I set myself goals and then think how to achieve them».

«Today, you can never be sure, and life has become a never-ending struggle. People if they want to achieve something, you have to make a choice. And the most important lesson I learned – let’s do it. No matter what, no matter how hard it seems. As said the ancient Greek Plato: «the Beginning is the most important part of any work».

manygoodtips.com_20.08.2014_Ky9Ae9JrqLbdi«I’m sure you can’t let that stopped you miserable little word «no». If you don’t have enough experience to achieve this goal, look for other ways. If you want to fly, go to the airport, pass the tea there. And keep your eyes open. Watch and learn. Do not have to go to art College to become a fashion designer. Do to work in a design firm as a cleaner, hold on to the broom. And move up the stairs».

«I always tell them the same thing: I have no secret. In business there are no rules that you can follow. I just worked and, as always, believe they can succeed. But most of all I still tried to live cheerfully».

«For me to create a business — so make something to be proud of, to unite talented people and build something that could seriously change the lives of others».

manygoodtips.com_20.08.2014_RMC3DCBoNEc6p«Not everyone has money to start a business, or luck, or time tucked a good chance. Sometimes you’re happy just to have a job – any. And you cling to the place in the factory or in the shop, or telephone service. You may hate this job, but we try to achieve what is possible. But does this joy? In other words, you really feel the need to go back and forth on the track nuisance? Do a job you hate is your only chance? Whoever you were, you always have a choice. Take a look around. Think about what else you could do.

«I can make decisions about the people and ideas in sixty seconds. I rely more on my instinct than on fat volumes of reports.

«I don’t like to complain. I never cry over spilled milk. I just keep going. But I marked in memory: «Be prepared for dirty tricks. Complain in a loud voice».

«If you are starting a new business and ask me what lesson I could share with you, then I say: «Exercise integrity at the conclusion of each of your transaction. Not cheats, but try to win».

«Remember: no one on his deathbed not regretted that too little time spent in the office.»

«The entrepreneur should not consider the failure of a negative experience: it’s just a plot on the learning curve.»

«The most important thing that I always want to do, is keep a word that someone gave. I set myself goals and stick to them. Success is more than just success. You need to believe in themselves and to embody conceived in life. Then others begin to believe in you».

«Challenging yourself, you grow. Change your life. View of the world becomes an affirmation of life. To achieve goals is not always easy, but that’s no reason to stop. Never say «give up». Always repeat: «I can. And I’ll keep on trying until you succeed».

«I went from being a small business in a garden shed to the organization of the global network of Virgin. The level of risk is much increased, but since childhood I learned to be bold in their actions and decisions. Although I always listen carefully to everyone, but still rely on their own strength and take decisions on their own, I believe in yourself and in your purpose.»

manygoodtips.com_20.08.2014_n9CEUa9AzebLh«As soon as something ceases to bring joy, I begin to think about change. Life is too short to live it with a sour face».

«If you ask what I believe more than anything, I will answer: their family. It is my firm belief. I know that sometimes people disagree — this happened with me. I know that some people live alone. But close friends are family too. We all need support and assistance. And although I have learned to stand on her own two feet without the loyalty and support of family and friends I would have accomplished nothing».

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