The Princess is in another castle: the eternal wrong in the relationship.

manygoodtips.com_13.01.2014_o9AnXPHuh1ZDyI have secret knowledge and I’m ready to share them. The secret is I to give weight to his words. In fact, everything is obvious, like the ancient recommendations of senior that the fingers are not in the socket. Why do I feel the need to talk about it? Because the lion’s share of my surroundings prefer not to pay any attention to these well-known truth and continues to tread on the same rake, which hovered mankind for the good of thousands of years. Maybe enough already? Not very funny?

No sex for friendship no good

Been there, done that: get drunk and want to get laid. You’re human and entitled to mistakes.

Make out with my girlfriend — not the best idea. First, in the morning you’ll just Wake up in bed with a sidekick woman who isn’t in the mood because of a hangover and because of their idiotic antics. Second, this behavior quickly turns into the habit.

Inevitably one of you senses will become stronger the relationship will become awkward, and then will come to naught. No sex, no friendship. Sometimes it’s better to stay friends.

In casual sex there is no point

Are you looking for a relationship and therefore rush to every being of the female sex under the age of forty? Sucks for you. Then you sleep with this creature and expect that they will start the love of your life? Dude, you really sucks. She may not even need? She might just want to get laid? And you’re still there: the relationship… Casual sex is casual sex. Don’t expect more from him.

And then, casual sex is cool. Now you will have something to tell the dudes: a great reason for boasting. Use protection? Well, everything, then the night after Easter can be forgotten. Don’t worry, don’t worry, don’t worry — just have fun, and then stop thinking about what happened.


People often want a fucking serious relationship. As if that should be the life goal of every normal person. Do you really want this relationship? They will need to invest a ton of time, energy and emotions. Just try to go on dates — without a second thought. So it is possible to identify the divergence of interests, or temperaments and not rush into the maelstrom of head.

In any case it is impossible to put all your money on one single horse. While the case will not move beyond Dating and bars, be open to other options. Even if nothing happens, these so-called relationships that will help you better understand what you want, and become more confident.

Do not hurry to announce to the world that found the one: maybe tomorrow you’ll regret it. If not tomorrow, it is clearly faster than you think. Spend time together, hang out, do not rush.

Not to have women normally

All people, regardless of the presence of eggs in the body, want to be loved and cared about them. For some relationships, even more than a successful career, personal growth and education. You know, what’s the catch? Until you learn to feel just like that, without backup in the person of the second half, nobody will force you to be happy. God forbid you look for some kind of love: seeking a woman, he will not find. Loneliness is normal. This is a normal phase of life, is exactly the same as the relationship.

Find a hobby. Go to the gym. Prepare something. Go somewhere. In the world there is so much to do! Use your time wisely: perhaps when you finally found a woman, you will regret that something did not have time for these lonely days.

There is nothing to brake on a past relationship

If this whore cheated on you if she spit on your emotions and desires, this does not mean that the new girl will behave exactly the same. You broke up with someone who you do not like. All. You found someone new, and this woman suits you more than the former.

The only thing to remember about the past relationship is your mistakes. And happening progress.

Distance only strengthens the attachment

Grow up and accept the fact that each of you own life and you are not each other’s lives. It is not everything. You have other things to do, and even other people.

In her life there are also other things and people. Relationship based on trust, truth and… personal space. Face it: she may forget to call you because it was locked. Maybe she had a bad day and she can only whine to you tube, but has no desire. Enough to put himself in the center of her universe. To do wrong conclusions easily. But why?

I am surprised by one strange fact: in the beginning of relationships when people don’t know each other, they treat each other incredibly gently. The better they know each other, the less they cherish each other, you start fiercely fiercely jealous of each other and even to pretend that it’s okay. I don’t know. Jealousy is a monster that can make normal relations knows that. It must be controlled. Of course, your woman is talking to other people. Of course, she has friends, and some of them even look good. She even hangs out with them. The truth here is the relationship she is not with them but with you, isn’t that enough?

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