The Princess and the pea: how to make her like your bedroom

the girl in the bedroomIf she doesn’t like your bed or your bedroom, it will look for all kinds of ways to spend less time and do not stay overnight at your house, so you’ll get much less sex.

In the moment when you’re having sex, dirty sheets care about women, not strange in the least. However, when she wakes up, she will appreciate and linen — don’t think that I could do only cool night’s performance. You need to ensure that the bedroom is not done you a disservice?

1. You should be bed

The mattress on the floor is not suitable: it suggests the idea of nischebrodstvo and hungry student’s years. Waking up on a mattress lying on the bare floor, it is guaranteed to ask myself, chose the right person. The meagre furnishing of the bedroom makes women depression: they love the warmth and comfort. Furthermore, the lack of beds as it suggests that in the near future you’re not going to start a serious relationship. Better to let the bed be. Is not so expensive.

2. Pillowcases — mast Kev

Remember, we wrote that with the beginning of a serious relationship you start to use a pillowcase? Can’t wait for this moment. Although the subject is, I think, is used by all default. It turned out, this is just my opinion: really, there are guys that replace pillowcases t-shirts at an age when they are 20 and even 30!

3. Frequently changing the linens

Every two weeks is optimistic. Not very often and not very often. And after use also change. Especially if your relationship is just beginning and yet you slept with another woman on these same sheets. This is done not only for hygienic reasons: besides helping to hide evidence. I think a girl would hate to know what you just sleep with somebody, if she saw irrefutable evidence of your escapades on the linen. First, you’re not getting out of this. Secondly, then she may not come back.

4. The room could get out

Dirty and littered with trash bedroom personally do not interfere, but women always used to get. In the cluttered space they feel uncomfortable, always blaming anything and stop my impulses to rake the pile of clothes on the chairs. And she may be allergic to the dust — this will tell you her strange breathing during sleep, sneezing and (surprise!) she.

5. More pillows — more love

When a person who lives alone, two pillows, it speaks of him as a caring, prudent, and loving comfort guy. When a person has one pillow and the girl stays the night and they sleep, sharing the unfortunate poduhu in half, it says that he was never going to call me any girl.

6. Think where it will be her eyes

To have sex when in front of your eyes someone else’s family photos or your ex — something else fun. Evaluate whether next to the bed such ambiguous objects. Better painting. A blank wall is not always good and can bring her to the thought of you unsociable and you don’t care what world you live in.

7. Think about what to do with animals

If she will not tell you that you don’t care remember: no dogs or cats should not be in your bed. To have sex, when you see the cat is amazing. And it will be amazing to discover that the night you sleep, hugging the cat, not her.

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