The Prime Minister speaks, people worried

manygoodtips.com_5.08.2016_VRoSiqEjFqBcdAnd teachers, and plumbing, and consultant, and the deputies touched all the hurtful words Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, who said that the energetic teacher will find how to make money. Recall is the author of the legendary phrase, «You are holding. Good luck to you.» But when we voted for him, and lived quite well. From this day, the country was divided into people who have exchanged the vocation to big earnings and powerless losers.I am absolutely sure that modern energetic teacher able not only to get the wages that he owns according to their official schedule, but, well, somehow, so to speak, even to earn something. But most importantly, say it again, is a personal choice. I get asked that: teachers and lecturers. You know, it’s a calling. And if you want to earn money — there are plenty of beautiful places where you can do faster and better. The same business. There is a logical question, what the hell? You’re like a politician, and people absolutely do not care how you feel about him. Just give us a belief that everything will be fine and promise me that everything will work out. But instead of «keep» and «bear».

It would be like saying the Titanic the captain began to shout: «Run for your lives» before the ship failed to dock with the iceberg. Not to recall another kinoallnude, namely the third part of the Lord of the rings, when the steward of Gondor, Lord Denethor, seeing that his last son was injured and the city is surrounded by countless army of the enemy, ordered all to leave posts, and die as they please. Fortunately, it just stopped with his staff Gandalf.

Our Dmitry Anatolyevich, no one seems to stop is not going to, and this leads to sad thoughts: since the head of government advises to survive, and the Kremlin has not commented on the language of the second person in the State so it really sucks. So, it took the people. To revolt, thank God, is not reached, but a petition for the resignation of Mr Medvedev has already signed. And, lo and behold, the site, which posted the petition, started suspiciously not work. All due to the fact that Roskomnadzor two weeks ago started to block the server, but this theory is boring and people do not like, because on the face of the ghostly «hand of the Kremlin».Only here do not understand one thing, ladies and gentlemen, the protesters, and you complain about the lack of truth in the country that decided to remove the one person who says it to you. Well, will remove Medvedev, put a person simply says memorized, monotonous conciliarism, and what will change? And nothing, only everything will become boring, and so the Prime Minister at least specifies the reason.

In the minds of many Russians, there is not a correct stereotype that Mr. Medvedev minded person. Effect excessive love of gadgets, social networks, like, meaningless phrases, and many photos of important events, where the medium specific names is immersed in hibernation. People seem to think that the new Prime Minister organizes the work so that the next day along the TRANS-Siberian railway will set up a city-garden, a salary of teachers will grow 17 times. Apparently, along with inflation. Alas, nothing will change, and there are a number of reasons which everyone knows, and they are not affiliated with the Prime Minister’s job. And by the way, people he’s not stupid and adventurous. Though, because being a teacher went part time politician, and all of a sudden became President.

manygoodtips.com_5.08.2016_QEATxt3cC6CpoAnd yet, why did he say that? If you look at him as an ordinary person, not the actor conversational genre, it is only the live communication with a large crowd of people in front of cameras, then anyone can lajanuri. It is clear that he wanted to say, just didn’t work out.

But if you look at both the politician and former President of the country, there is a clear puncture of the staff, who made «live» communication, especially knowing that Medvedev has never been wit. After all, in staged scenes, he is not inferior to his patron, and when it shows «coolness.»

Specifically it was done or not, let’s leave this question to the conspiracy theorists. Therefore, some think that he intentionally make a «lightning rod» of the people’s anger, and when airplanes from Corgi, and the sons of the Prosecutor, and the mess in the Federation of sports are starting to annoy ordinary people on the front line put forward Medvedev.

In Russia, the sacredness of the king and the government in General is extremely important for the subordinate population. Because of the desacralization lost their rankings Gorbachev and Yeltsin. Why Putin is so steep that even Kasyanov wants to be like him.

Medvedev constantly under pressure. Everything from society and to the political environment. Well, I could not help people, freaked out, told it like it is. Rumor has it that before you publish a new photo in Instagram for a long time he writes about how he hates all life and his work.

Of course, he wasn’t supposed to say this, is the blatant rudeness of his people, who used to seek protection from Lord and expecting his help. «Teachers’ mistakes are less noticeable, but ultimately, they cost the people not less expensive,» said polka from «twist of fate» but to go to work on calling, knowing that life will have to starve — it is doubtful. It’s a shame that such an important profession is subject to known bodies and is valued less middle management.

And so we have problems with teachers, but once they actually put a cross wishing to be even less. Besides, the difference between teacher and teacher, in particular between their work schedules and employment are significant. And without school teachers in any way, and unfortunately, not everyone can get into private schools, where salaries are higher.By and large, he said, if you want to survive, learn to spin, whatever you are working, look for ways that a normal career. We have a situation, and for a long time. Just feel sorry for the people who are supposed for the sake of pedagogy, and then the second person in the state says to go into business. From the height of bureaucratic salaries do not understand. But if everything will go in the business, who is going to teach these businessmen, with whom Medvedev was going to build his enlightened state?

But, on reflection, it was human pity. Only 4 years ago most disapproving crowd admired their President, we have a tradition, to admire the leaders. Now he actually did the clown responsible for touring the country the theater of the absurd, with all sorts of stupid laws, packages. But he could not even say.

For example, he could offer the people to abandon the money at all, and to remember that his old anti-Slav ancestors lived in subsistence farming and in their communities, the main currency was animal skins. Well, no one asked Medvedev about the lack of jobs, and it would recall about serfdom, and would offer to work for the Lord. Already have always work there.

manygoodtips.com_5.08.2016_czsR044dl9J2TI wonder what the Prime Minister said, seeing the questions that you send to us? Especially popular topic — relationships, depression, the choice of life goals and motivation. Probably, wished good luck with their women, and told him about the talented young people who receives grants and is sent to practice in SKOLKOVO. So, he said nothing, and as we cried, read some of revelation.

We can not allow President Dmitry Medvedev to bypass the main people’s problem. Once again the «people’s team», the one that used to bully Arsenal, broken off at the club, which most of Europe learned only today. «Spartak», which for 13 years waiting for his coveted trophy, time from qualifying major European competitions. And judging by words of Dmitry Medvedev convince people that 16 thousand is a normal salary, then maybe he can convince the owner of «Spartak» Leonid Fedun that the management of the football club — this is not it. And along with the Minister of sport. Because with the players to talk is useless, after this conversation, Mr Medvedev, after watching only blank looks and say, «You are holding. Success and all the best.»

You think the government just do not care about its citizens, and the Prime Minister — the exhaust is despair and the truth that he no longer has the strength to keep? And then what to do? So what you want, it’s your problem, but just know that Russian is a calling. And if you want in a normal country to live, there are lots of wonderful places where you can do this. The same Europe, America, Australia. But you live in Russia, I take it? Well, the energetic Russian, the experience of many of our officials and oligarchs, acquires the citizenship of another country.And if the Prime Minister asked why the government that allowed this state of Affairs does not want to leave, he remembered how in his youth he studied and worked under gray-haired Titan of Boris Yeltsin, who unlike him do two words could not, and was Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin, which is not a word — complicated fun (from time, from the speeches of Yeltsin and Chernomyrdin people got a taste, and waited for new fun crazy stuff as it is now from Medvedev another puncture). And, they say, nothing in the country was a mess bigger, and they talked even worse. Not like — go to Bhutan, there is a monarch — a person inviolable, and the people did not speak.

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