The price of Google Glass in 10 times their cost

manygoodtips.com_16.05.2014_WqFRtqjHLurEkHappened! From Wednesday, anyone can buy Google Glass if it has the extra fifteen hundred dollars.

There are many reasons to wish for yourself this device. It is high tech. He has a lot of possibilities. It is a trend. Certainly in the near future Google Glass will turn into a sign of a certain status, namely the status of the person, tech savvy, and certainly non-poor. However, this rainbow had the potential to hinder the independent valuation of the device conducted by IHS, which is famous for its revelations.

She recently published the results of a study of the cost of manufacturing Google Glass, and it turned out that it costs… $152.47! The website also involved in the debunking of myths, went even further and dropped the cost of supercow to $ 80!

Of course, Google refuses and claims that the production of eyeglasses costing them much more expensive — but believe it is now already difficult.

Food for thought: iPhone 5S production costs 191 dollar, U.S. smartphone costs $ 199 with contract cellular operator, and $ 649 without it. Our prices inflate even more (this is a problem of the Russian market), but in the producing country, the situation looks well — no one increases the price ten times!

Oh, the Google Google… But the whole world trusts you!

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