The power of the mind: the persistent common sense

manygoodtips.com_6.03.2014_cBHtvAff4Wpv1Hard not survive in the mind when, in principle, live. Something will deprive you of rest will knock out of the saddle, forced to worry and worry is not the best minutes. People would be much happier if they could from time to time to stop and be in the present moment, not thinking about the past or the future. Minutes deep wisdom on

Bring yourself to this

When you notice that your thoughts began to wander in yesterday, do you remember how you got nasty in the morning on the bus or reprimanded for poor work, to think, how to live to the salary — osaimi yourself. Power returns yourself in the moment. Watch what you are doing now, what’s going on around you. So you realize that today, it’s all good.

Be totally in the moment

You realize yourself in every moment of your daily life? You feel your body, distinguish all the sounds that you hear, pay attention to what you see, what your legs and hands? Why do they do it? Awareness helps with everything.

Be open to new

Instead of running from my feelings and experiences, because they allegedly are unable to cope with them, behave to them with interest: they naturally arise in your mind, they will linger there for only a moment, and in a second can change again. Let your head will be enough space for all these thoughts and experiences. Realize this experience — the flow of sensations, thoughts and feelings and see how they naturally vary over time.

Don’t judge

As we used to evaluate their thoughts and actions? «Envy is bad». «To take the initiative well.» Try not to evaluate your thoughts and feelings, you don’t even have to act in accordance with them: you are not forced. All the senses make sense: they either protect you from danger or lead to something useful and enjoyable. Watch your mind and don’t try to give it a rating, and then the same attitude you will take on people and events around you.

Take it as it is

You can’t force or convince reality to adapt to your wishes and ideas about how things should be. For this reason many people feel themselves victims of injustice, and so sorry for myself. Instead, just look at the world and take as it is, knowing that you can survive anything that’d never happened. About other people’s actions, too is possible not to think: other people know best what suits them and how they should behave.


In the world everything is interconnected: the water cycle in nature, and the role of the observer in the light distribution clearly confirms this truth. Reflective rejoice that you have food and shelter that the world still remains something beautiful. All life wants to feel secure and to avoid suffering, your needs are the same — it’s nice that there is at least some commonality.

Don’t get attached

Not clinging to anything and practice everything taught by the third Zen Patriarch Sosan: «Not clinging to anything, not clinging, not clinging, not clinging. Not clinging to anything, and even where not attached to anything, not clinging to anything». Attachment arises out of fear and grows on the soil of suffering. When a door closes, another opens.


Even if you don’t deviate from the course, still in life there are UPS and downs. Remember the cycles of all and that from your current point you can’t see the full picture. When everything goes wrong, stay faithful to yourself and your values and don’t be so dramatic.


To treat yourself and others need to gently, patiently and kindly. Look, try to get into position. People like you because they can tell you something or give you something, but because you can sympathize with.

That’s the power of the mind.

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