The power of ritual

manygoodtips.com_26.07.2016_yyqvOAbkUNtxOHumanity for the last three centuries only deals with the fact that destroys the foundations of his life — the tradition, for which in former times held a stranglehold. But we have the technology, scientific and cultural development. It is foolish to say that today we are living worse than before. People are not poor, if don’t engage in wars that are more absurd. And everything seems to be happy, even happy, but only few says that the inevitable companion of the tradition — the ritual, aren’t here. We are still under his power — he just dropped his loose skin to reveal a new, even more toxic.

When I say ritual, I mean pointless, endlessly repetitive action that does not bring neither satisfaction nor joy, nor good. It is only to be performed. Of course, everyone will be able to explain the meaning of your favorite ritual, but if to simplify any explanation, it will sound as follows — «as necessary». But these are the things driving us into a dead end, where a snarling dogs with bloody froth at the mouth waiting for his stupid sacrifice.

How to begin your morning?

You’ll play in the predictor of Aki Nostradamus — your morning starts with checking social networking. It’s like prayer only it lasts much longer. So you feel their unity with the society, which, in your feelings, values your opinion, looks and «personality». But it’s all an illusion, which is modulated using a system of assessments that are driven into your head with the first click on the website Vkontakte. This idea is misguided and naive, because, really, you just have to masturbate your ego.

How to be a man?

Of course, in a country like Russia you have to be a man. Should be. To be. Needs. But what does this mean in practice? Only funny rules that were developed then, to you as soon as possible found a female and started kids. Man today is not the same person who stormed the Ottoman fortress to free Greece. Husband today are not conquers, does not lead the colonial war, does not fight a duel. He is afraid to be in the Bastille for his freedom-loving views, afraid to rebel, because «it doesn’t change anything» and «I don’t want to be substituted». But modern guy gives ladies flowers, invites to movies and from time to time scored in the wall nail. Rituals of a modern man pathetic to the obscene — clean kind of impotence.

manygoodtips.com_26.07.2016_P2Cot7c3ixY60Not long ago I read an interesting material with a great title «how to be a man», which conducted a survey of more than ten guys of our country. Their notions of courage were limited to the rolling pin and the phrase in the spirit of «a man should not be like a woman». That is, if you go to the gym and cut your hair short, then you deserve the title — don’t forget about the love of football, cars and beer. What sort of ammo? What is intelligence? What the hell knights of the round table and the lion’s courage, bordering suicide? Sophomoric to the modern alpha males. I’m not talking about simple etiquette. Though this problem is universal, not only men, but maybe there is no problem and you are now cast aside the text condemning the faeces.

Voices of yesterday

But do not cease, and old habits that relate to all these family events that you need appears, even if you’re too busy doing work and you don’t have a minute of free time. When we entered the twenty-first century, it is hoped that this total freedom from voluntary coercion. We thought that we, the marginalized will no longer need to go to all these meetings with the parents of the girls or their parents.

We thought that it will be possible to erase a connection at any time and start a new life right tomorrow, as soon as you graduated and found a job. But it did not work. Even if you have a favorite, it is sure to be the mediators between you and her — her and your family. Why should they be? Because nobody wants to destroy the institution of the family, perhaps out of habit, or on their own. But the fact remains — you alone won’t leave, you’re not an individual unit. You can approach this condition, but completely independent will not, unless forced to get rid of their loved ones, but it is necessary to nobody. Don’t think we here complain about family values (in the edition there are active supporters, but they work in a different office), we just want to say that the rituals associated with blood, still strong and in the near future is not going anywhere.

The social elevators that don’t work

Not only the Institute, but the army was once a social mobility that could raise any homeless person in the street to acceptable for his position, heights. Today it is not so. And the army, and the Institute for social are dead lifts, passing through them, not toughen your character and make you smarter. Perhaps fairer to say they do not guarantee you good. In other words, for hundreds of thousands of people they have become a simple ritual that supposedly need to skip through their bodies, to become… what? A man who lost time. Forgive my pessimism on this issue, but you don’t listen to me (and shouldn’t listen to me, listen to yourself, dammit!). However, don’t say you weren’t warned when you lose 6 years of your life learning nothing and received nothing in return.

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