The Pocket Drone — your personal flying robot

manygoodtips.com_18.08.2014_JiAmXgWnMA8p0Aerial photography has a long and distinguished history. It is rooted in 1858 when the famous photographer Gaspard Tournaschon, while walking in a balloon, took pictures of his native village, not far from Paris. In our country the first aerial photo is dated 1886, the picture was taken in Saint-Petersburg from height of 800 metres.

Pocket Drone is a modern tricopter that will help you make incredible photos from the height of bird flight.


The gadget consists of lightweight and durable materials. Was taken carbon fiber. New weight is only 450, and the battery provides up to 20 minutes of flight on one charge.

Pocket flying drone has three propellers, two of which are mounted on swivel brackets.

The blades of all the impellers takes place in one direction. In addition, it is possible to make a telescopic landing gear. The entire design when folded, has a thickness of 7.6 cm, and the footprint is comparable with the surface 7-inch tablet.


Also, the product has:

— 6-axis accelerometer and 3-axis gyroscope;

— barometric sensor;

receiver GPS navigation system;

— mount for compact camera GoPro, which is very popular in the field of active recreation and sport. Supports recording high-definition video and capture photos.


The drone is controlled with a special paddle or through a special application for tablet or smartphone. To date, the only supported operating system is Android; later appear the iOS version. You can manage gadget in standalone mode on a pre-created route or to follow the owner in the Follow Me mode (requires mobile device with GPS receiver).

The Pocket Drone cost is 495 dollars.

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