The player said the goal of a hot dog fan

If you have had a great joy in life, why not increase it more? And the food is always a great pleasure, so you can combine

The football player of English club «Nottingham forest» Billy sharp scored a goal in the opponent’s goal, the club «Blackpool», during the match Blackpool — Nottingham forest FC on 23 October, celebrated the goal, the hot dog, which gave him the fan. Biting off part of a hot dog, Sharpe threw away the other half. Ugh, friend is not beautiful, but the Englishman!

The meeting ended in a draw (2:2), but sharp is remembered not only for his act, but that opened the scoring in the 24th minute.

After the game, like any modern, progressive young man of 26 years, Billy wrote in his Twitter that the hot dog had too much tomato sauce. Who is a snob, man! But Sharpe immediately corrected himself and said that apologizes to the fans and return the money to him.

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