The plane crashed? Take a picture of yourself


We have condemned a selfie before committing a crime. Now we decry selfie after the disaster. Woman, you survived, what more do you want!!

We come up with a universal instruction for saving the result of a very bad landing your plane.

  1. Buckle up
  2. Bring your seat backs to the upright position
  3. Hang in there
  4. Listen to the instructions of the crew
  5. Get off the plane on an inflatable ladder
  6. Do selfi on the background of a landed aircraft

The girl under the nickname @ han_horan was on the USA Airways flight 1702, when the plane in Fort Lauderdale crashed on the runway of Philadelphia international airport on Thursday. According to Yahoo, she was not only of those who were evacuated from the plane. In addition to her selfie made a few more people, and some just sent pictures of the disaster on the social network.

No one was hurt. All escaped with slight shock, but the need to let everyone in the station as if outraged. This is a great indicator of how important it is for these people, public opinion. But how many retweets scored.

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