The perfect men’s Breakfast #9 — Hyperplasi omelette

The advantage of this omelet is that it is easy as hell. There is no milk, it is done in literally two minutes, but it has a major drawback: the omelet frankly fatty. If you want to gain weight, you can eat with pleasure, fairly nutritious dish for the common Breakfast. On the other hand, Breakfast should be!

The dish is perfect for those in a hurry in the morning (they always complain that our Breakfast recipes are too time-consuming and require too much time) who loves air omelet, and for those who constantly forgets to buy milk or cream for scrambled eggs (or dislikes them).

For Breakfast you will need:

  • eggs in any quantity;
  • butter;
  • salt and spices.

Just? To hell! On a heated pan placed a big piece of butter. On top of him immediately break the eggs in the right quantity. Over medium heat all that stuff is mixed into a homogeneous mass until it thickens, until it becomes a creamy yellow environment. Until thickened, pour spices, herbs and salt. Can bring to the table, and in the remaining fat fry, for example, sausage, mushrooms or sausage to the Breakfast was more rich and full.

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