The perfect men’s Breakfast #8 — What you can make with a baguette?


Despite the extremely pompous title, baguette can now be found almost everywhere, and the price will definitely not be biting, but on the contrary. A big drawback of the baguette is that it dries too quickly, so use it right until he turned into a cudgel with which to throw at the cat.

In hypermarkets like I found a long baguettes at a modest price of 10 roubles with different nishtyakami: cheese, oregano or garlic. By itself, the baguette is excellent raw material for a correct and quick Breakfast. It was awesome and still crispy.

Today I will teach you how to use the baguette, well, ingenuity and microwave oven to make a good Breakfast for myself and maybe for friends.

I will share with you the recipe for my favorite way to bake a baguette with cheese and ham. I do love everything with this combination: pancakes, sandwiches and omelettes. Everything is very simple and quickly done.

So, you need to:

  • small baguette, suitable for cutting along;
  • cheese type Cheddar — 100 g;
  • ham (I like the one that Turkey);
  • 1-2 tomatoes (I prefer cherry: they quickly cut);
  • salt, pepper, garlic mixture and other spices (I put Basil, it turns out great).

The recipe is so simple that even indecent. Plus it is that you can always adjust the ingredients according to your desire — it will still be delicious. I had in the fridge, open a jar of pickles and olives from any of the holiday is added to the baguette. It turned out great.

So, you slice the baguette lengthwise, open it or completely separated one half from the other. You can slightly pull out the bread to make more room for the filling. Cut the tomatoes on a plate and ham — how can more finely into slices. Cheese can grind as much as you’ll be able to do it, but you can just stupid to buy ready grated cheese. First on the baguette put a tomato to a pulp saturated with juice, then ham, then tomato again, and then heartily sprinkle the whole thing with spices and cheese. For cheese, you can also sprinkle spices. Now all that stuff quickly you put in the microwave to make it well cooked and was tasty. Bring to the table, eat and run to work, man, and let the work left quite a bit!


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