The PERFECT MEN’s BREAKFAST #6 Scrambled eggs with salami, tomatoes and potatoes


To continue the tradition of Friday the perfect Breakfast for the guy who wants to eat something tasty, healthy and quick to run to work well-fed and cheerful. Today we have on the agenda is another perfect omelet. Kind of think that the omelet is then fried and filled with egg mixed with milk, but no, it’s not so simple. The omelet harmony! Harmony of Goodies and eggs! Not every omelette, it is delicious, and the omelette, so to speak, tested.

I strongly suggest that you have to keep the house boiled potatoes. It is always possible, even for Breakfast, even for dinner. As you know from this article, the house still needs to be boiled chicken, but it is quite another story. So for this omelette you will need:

  • salami or any smoked or semi-smoked sausage;
  • tomatoes;
  • boiled potatoes;
  • eggs;
  • milk;
  • cheese (hard, you can even «Russian»);
  • herbs and spices to taste.

Salami is cut into slices that are further crushed into halves. They are fried in a skillet in a small amount of oil. These pieces are immediately added chopped as small as you can tomatoes. When they start to give juice, send them boiled potatoes, diced. Carefully stir the resulting mass? add pepper, salt and use other favorite spices. Sections of the whites and yolks separately and beat every part of the eggs with milk and spices to make a thick foam mix. Desperately arudou with a fork, knead hands before a working day! In parallel, don’t forget about the potato-sausage-tomato mixture. Stir eggs? Kill them that is in the pan. Now wait for the omelet zagotovila. Ustawi not interfere, man! Before the end of cooking put in the mix a bit of cheese (or finely cut, or buy for all occasions already grated cheese). The omelet is ready, you can eat!

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