The perfect men’s Breakfast #4 — chicken Sandwich


Continue to tell you how to eat when you’re a man and want to keep yourself in shape. Chicken is one of those ingredients that, in my opinion, the only color the sandwich. Somehow, all her carefully ignore. But it is low in calories, it’s pure protein, which is useful for muscle growth! Today I will tell you about the easiest way to make your own Breakfast to work, when time is not so much, and you want to go to work was not boring.

You will need:

  • breast or white meat of cooked chicken (I recommend to cook it in advance, e.g. the day before);
  • onion (if you worried that you will stink at work, quit);
  • crunchy sweet peppers;
  • greens type of parsley, dill, green onion or salad;
  • tomatoes;
  • pickles (to taste, really);
  • sauces mayonnaise (to taste);
  • ketchup (in principle mandatory, otherwise it will be dry);
  • cheese;
  • baguette or toasted toast.

First, you’ll need a baguette. In the shops of your city surely there are similar. If you eat it soon after purchase — a delicious and wonderful bread, but dries instantly. The baguette is Cut so that it can open and close (as is done normally in grace like Subway). If you have toast — fry in a pan or in the toaster, but you can do without the niceties. Put on bread, cheese, pieces of boiled chicken or cheese. The resulting design put into the furnace and not removed until the cheese melts. All the rest of the vegetables and herbs finely cut to the desired condition, placed on a heated sandwich, pour sauce, sprinkle liberally with salt and pepper and served on the table.

So you can make a woman. Despite the description, fast and delicious.

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