The perfect men’s Breakfast #3: Sandwich with egg salad


We continue our weekly column about the ideal simple and delicious Breakfast for the men. Today’s recipe is suitable for those dudes who are preparing everything in advance and don’t want to waste precious morning time on long cooking Breakfast. The filling for this salad can be prepared in advance, for example, on the evening of the previous day. By the way, it is possible, and so, like a salad.

Egg salad — a famous American food that has resonated in the hearts of our people. Easy and delicious — that’s the key to the popularity of this nyamka.

For making a decent amount of salad you will need:

  • eggs (5-6 pieces);
  • mayonnaise;
  • green or regular onions;
  • greens (parsley and dill);
  • garlic;
  • bread;
  • spices and lettuce to taste.

The eggs boil hard boiled, obviously! Pour the already boiled eggs with water, to make it easier to separate the shell. While they are cooling, finely chop green onion (or regular onion if you want), garlic and herbs. The smaller, the better. If you want your salad more like easy spread the paste, chop the greens into the blender. Now clear the shell from the eggs, remove the yolk, finely chop the protein and send the pieces in a bowl. Add the yolk, take a huge spoon and crush it carefully, exerting more effort in to all that stuff turned into more or less homogeneous mass. Grist greens in bowl with eggs. Time to add maionica! Carefully stir the resulting mass until smooth. Mayonnaise do not need much, it is necessary to link the components, and not as a full part of meals. If mayonnaise is too a lot, you will turn into a poor student, who does not eat a salad sandwich, and the bread with mayonnaise, which floats some crap. Sprinkle with spices, you can add garlic salt or powder.

Now salad is ready to eat or put it in the refrigerator, so he was waiting for Breakfast time. Before Breakfast burn the toast or make croutons. Put the salad on the toast, put a leaf of lettuce, if you like, and eat. The balanced Breakfast: eggs, which are a source of protein; greens and garlic — source of vitamins and useful carbohydrates; mayonnaise is a source of unknown stuff that is needed in any organism.

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