The perfect men’s Breakfast #21 — a ham Sandwich made of Turkey

manygoodtips.com_4.04.2014_kqZGkQw5T1oYXHam, the Turkey, which I first tried in the Subway, seized my brain. Usually, I’m eating quite a few processed food, but the ham, the Turkey is very appreciated. This sandwich has two versions: one for weekdays and one for weekends. They are not much different. This sandwich is best suited bread with bran. You can, if you think about it, take and black, but going to fry is not necessary.

So, you will need:

  • bread toast with bran
  • cream cheese
  • tomato
  • sweet pepper
  • ham Turkey
  • butter
  • spices (be sure the garlic powder and pepper)

For Sunday add to that crushed to dust the herbs: dill, parsley, and green meadows. Can chop and garlic. It is best to grind it all in a blender. Greens mixed with cream cheese. Evenly spreads the cream cheese on the slices of bread. On top put the slices of ham from the Turkey. Put them close together so that the juice of the tomatoes and peppers are not flowing where it should not. On ham put tomato and sweet pepper, cover with another piece of ham and another piece of bread. Now you can fry the toast in butter, crushing the lid of the pot.

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