The perfect men’s Breakfast #19 — Bagel, toasted with cheese


Recently began to sell fashionable bun with a hole in the middle, called bagels. They appeared, of course, hell knows how many years ago, in the XVII century, in America, they are really very popular, and I call them bagels. They are great for Breakfast: cut in half, put different nishtyakov and ate it. I decided that it makes sense to write about how you can put a bagel in the Breakfast and not to be humiliated.

You will need:

  • 1 bagel, aka a donut;
  • cream cheese;
  • thyme, dried or fresh;
  • spices to taste;
  • small tomatoes, cherry type;
  • butter.

Cut a bagel into two halves. Profusely and sincerely smear cream cheese on them. On top lay the tomatoes, cut so that it is easy to spread. In the second half bagel smeared with cream cheese, sprinkle with thyme. Cover one half of the other. If you want to toast a bagel, high its «cover» is better to cut clean. Heat the oil, fry the bagel with two sides, cover it with a lid from the pan, the better, of course, quite pin down. Sit down to guzzle, please.

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