The perfect men’s Breakfast #17 — the Toasted sandwich Greek


We recently wrote that spinach is really fucking useful it is, man. Spinach in General is extremely useful herbs, the only problem is that it can not be called delicious. But today, in this recipe, toasted sandwich you will find the spinach, and it is really tasty and goes well with everything in there sandwiches. Do it yourself or get to do it my wife. Really tasty. So for this sandwich you will need:

  • bread for sandwiches or toast bread, rye or whole wheat;
  • hot sauce, red hot sauce or any other spicy sauce (very good homemade sauce) — 2 tbsp. spoon;
  • fresh spinach leaves;
  • feta cheese;
  • butter or olive for frying.

To start grind feta cheese with a fork until soft. You can add for a better effect a little vegetable oil. Spread cheese on the bread, but do not be greedy, and that sandwich won’t close. Adjika, hot sauce or whatever you put on top of cheese. Now spread cheese spinach leaves. Now add some curd to stick together as much. Pridavili on top of another piece of toast bread. Just sdave that all worked out. Warm up the oil in a skillet, just don’t overdo it with quantity. The butter will give the sandwich a nice amber color. Obarisi sandwich with two sides in the process to cover it with a lid to keep the contents of the sandwich a little softened.

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