The perfect men’s Breakfast # 16 — Sweet toasted sandwich then complained that sugary Breakfast, but sometimes you want to treat yourself to some such garbage and that was relatively fast. Sweet sandwiches, as it turned out, quite a lot. Even a suspicious lot, I never thought that so many of them! Today I will treat you really weird but surprisingly delicious recipe for the sandwich of Apple, cream cheese and pineapple. Not to say that this recipe is suitable for every day: as one man, it is for those who have recently had some kind of celebration, which was opened a jar of canned pineapple.

So, you need to:

  • sweet Apple;
  • cream cheese (very well suited for this Philadelphia);
  • Cheddar cheese or Gouda (preferably already worn);
  • Bank of pineapples;
  • cinnamon, sugar, pepper and other spices of your choice.

Also you need a special bread for sandwiches, and similar.

Sweet Apple or crushed on a grater or finely cut. The resulting mass is mixed with cream cheese and ordinary cheese, efficiently crushed and sprinkled with spices.

The bread can be toasted in the toaster or in a dry frying pan as you can and do not fry. The toasts can be covered with oil, and it is possible not to do that. The mixture of apples and cheese spread on toast, spread on top of slices of pineapple, a second piece of toast is served on top. Preheat the pan (you can warm it in butter, so the sandwich will be more browned), put it on toast and fried properly from all sides so the cheese is melted and contents hot. Now you can eat.

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