The perfect men’s Breakfast #14 -a Proper toasted sandwich

manygoodtips.com_13.02.2014_5nXzpvCIgy1heGrilled cheese — the same fashion of recent days in the West, like bacon. Shove them anywhere, they were mixed and also shoved everywhere. «I guess it is a delicious thing,» you think. And you’re right. The melted cheese along with a toasted sandwich is a great Breakfast. Although for me personally it’s not something that Breakfast and a great snack on a Friday night. So, like almost all the dishes of this column, I recommend you this sandwich not only in the morning, but at any other time.

So, you will need:

  • smoked sausage;
  • hard cheese such as «Cheddar»;
  • butter salt;
  • special bread for sandwiches;
  • pickles.

Cut the bread, the thickness that you like. Smoked sausage cut into slices. Cheese is best cut into triangles, because this shape is perfect for melting and flowing into the right places for a sandwich. Nobody likes cheese anywhere but where you need it. Bread smear a thin layer of oil, but you can not do, if you don’t want it to be too greasy. Put the cheese. On the cheese put five slices of sausage in the same order as the pictures. Time to complement the design of cucumbers that also need to be cut into slices. Put the cucumbers a second layer of bread.


In a skillet melt the butter, wait till it becomes yellowish and tiny bubbles appear. Put the pan on a sandwich, fry both sides, cover with a lid. Wait till cheese is melted. Now you can fry a sandwich and make it that such edible ziggurat, connecting the two halves of cheese.

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