The perfect men’s Breakfast #13 — Hot sandwich

Lately we’ve had too many healthy breakfasts. Time to catch up. Today’s Breakfast can not be called useful, but tasty for sure. For making the most simple hot sandwiches you’ll need the good old microwave. Without it, you can, however, bake the crackers in the oven for ten minutes while you shave in the oven get even more rich and juicy.

So, you need to:

  • two pieces of sandwich bread or two bread bites «brick»;
  • ham;
  • any sauce like mustard or tomato (optional);
  • cream cheese or plain;
  • tomatoes cut into rings;
  • greens.

Everything seems to be just platitudes, but only the exact sequence of ingredients will give you the opportunity to enjoy original taste that nothing will spoil. In the presence of a toaster to fry bread in it. Smear the sauce on one side of each slice with a thin layer. Tomatoes cut rings, the ham thinner. At soaked sauce halves of the bread put the ham, cheese on top put up tomatoes. Tomatoes sprinkle with herbs and spices, definitely salt that they begin to bleed juice.

Shove the resulting design in the microwave and leave it somewhere for 30 seconds. It is important that the cheese has time to melt, but do not spread in the microwave. Bring to the table, eat and run to work!

There is, however, another interesting way to improve this sandwich. Ham or sausage crushed into little squares, they are fried in the pan, and laid the sandwich.

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