The perfect men’s Breakfast#12 — Protein porridge

Want to gain weight and eat properly? Decided to go for porridge in the morning is the lack of Breakfast or pojedine leftovers? Well, dude, it’s your choice! Respect your decision! Today we will show you how to cook the right Breakfast pitching which will give you the strength to hold out until lunch hearty. As you know, Breakfast must be nutritious, how much a balanced.

You will need:

  • Protein serum (a combined version, and even a mix with casein, a slow protein).
  • Milk (the basis of 10-20 g per 300 ml).
  • The mixture of four cereal grains (you can take large oat flakes).
  • Oil, spices, honey or sugar to taste.

Porridge cooks in about the same way as the oatmeal from the previous release. But still could be better. Milk bring to a boil, stir it, because it may burn. In osypaetsya milk protein, mixed well and supplemented with spices, honey or sugar. Right after you stir the mixture, grist cereals or mixture of cereals, carefully disturb the cooking process. The porridge is cooked-about 10 minutes. It may happen that the protein will harden and turn into a sticky solid mass, so the next time you need to pour less. If you have a problem with cereal protein, the resulting protein denaturation can be stupid cook porridge on the water and drink her protein shake.

In addition to Breakfast, if you’re working on a lot, you can eat a fried or boiled egg, here is your choice.

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