The perfect men’s Breakfast #11 — oatmeal, sir

Most of the men’s Breakfast can not be called healthy. Often they have bread that contains fast carbs, but that doesn’t make food healthier. In the case of a sandwich with egg salad so bad: there’s mayonnaise! But today I will tell you about the right Breakfast — oatmeal. On the one hand, everything will be just mad, but to prepare the porridge has its pitfalls.

Oatmeal is a phenomenally good cereal, it consists of slow carbohydrates, this energy will be enough for the first half of the day. Some people think sweet tea — the most it before work, but they are sorely mistaken: the stock of sugar is enough for up to half an hour, then the body gets depressed. Oatmeal long enough. The most frustrating thing in oatmeal — memories of childhood. Many dudes the last time you ate oatmeal, I had suffered from some kind of sores or when on foot went under the table, so the Association they have with this cereal is extremely… negative. When I made the oatmeal himself for the first time, I realized that it is bearable, not to say very delicious, but very satisfying. When you add berries and jam oatmeal was delicious and there was nice. It is for this reason, you should try eating oatmeal.

Porridge consists of dietary fiber and complex polysaccharides in the presence of phosphorus and other nishtyaki. First the oatmeal you need to buy. Look, dude, what exactly are different from other varieties. Rolled oats are different in fineness of grinding than it is smaller, the faster the oatmeal is cooked. The taste, however, this mass becomes a paste and sticks to the plate tightly, but some people like it because the mass is homogeneous. These cereals are boiled for about three minutes, sometimes five. Heard about this stuff, like «Hercules»? It crushed the cereal, the mixture of dust, more solid particles and fibers. Kashi whole grain cooked long enough, sometimes ten minutes. Sometimes more. They are much more useful and I personally like more, so I recommend to take them. The drawback, as mentioned above, the cooking time.

How to cook porridge

Porridge or cooked in milk or water. Water or milk bring to the boil, there vsypaya sugar or jam. Mix and pour cereal. The flakes must interfere, otherwise they will burn to the bottom of the pot or pan, and to tear off them it will be extremely difficult. Almost all of the cooking time porridge should be stirring. If the time to get up, you can make it. After a couple of minutes after the cereal will be in the pot, you can fall asleep supplements. Additives can be bran, Flaxseed (can be preferably filled along with oatmeal), fruit, berries, spices (cinnamon is good with apples). When the quinoa is cooked, quickly put it in a bowl, and ladle, fill hot water. This is because that the mass will stick to the pan tightly, and you’ll have to be long, boring and hated scrubbing from the walls. It is better to wash the bucket immediately, as well as a plate, sometimes even the water doesn’t save us from the stuck stuff!

Porridge need to cook

Ass a quick porridge! They are full of shit. For example, salt, sugar, suspicious, freeze-dried fruit. Grain and cereal in the cereal to speed cooking are subjected to special treatment, which involves the removal of some parts, cleaning and processing. They are still a mess, but there is less useful. Therefore, cereals should be cooked.

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