The perfect men’s Breakfast #10 — French omelet

Not so long ago ordered a cafe omelette, and they brought me something vaguely reminiscent of a pancake. Of course, I ate it before and it was very tasty. I’m genuinely interested in how to do this crap at home, because, in theory, it is possible to wrap all sorts of delicious favors, for example cheese with ham or tomatoes. It turned out that everything is quite easy to do.

So, you need to:

  • eggs;
  • milk;
  • spices;
  • all the credit you want to put in an omelet or wrapped in it;
  • butter.

First you need to melt the butter in a skillet. While this is happening, mix the eggs, milk and spices with a fork until frothy. There is quite a fun way to make an omelet air: whites whipped separately from the yolks and then mixed and again slipping. When the butter stops foaming, add the skillet mixture of eggs and milk to cover the bottom. When the omelet begins to prihvatyvaya use the power of the blade and slightly lift the omelette to egg mixture stiff directly under it. So you need to do with all parts of the omelet so it is clear and smooth. When this happens, the surface can spill the filling, which asks the soul. You clearly need to throw out to the middle, then cover the stuffing the two halves of the omelette and turn off the fire. Wait half a minute while making my tea. Luggage obtained the food on a plate and eat. Here’s a Breakfast the intellectual man.

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