The perfect hat for your face


What we find attractive is largely based on symmetry. The symmetric face, the more attractive it seems to people. There are not many ways except surgery to correct the natural asymmetry of facial features. But there are still methods that help how to ease them. Women in this case have resorted to various haircuts, but what about the men, it’s not so much their choices in this matter. However, I have a solution for you, man. Hats are the one accessory that will help you to balance the features of his face, it is only important to choose it correctly.

They all, without exception, add men chic. The correct hat will only increase the attractiveness of men, and gives it an even more chiselled appearance. If you would like to return the hat to your wardrobe, but was not sure which hat will suit you, this article is for you.

Anatomy of a hat

Before we begin to understand what kind of hat will suit you face shape, let’s deal with some terms.

typical kapelyuh

Hat consists of three main parts: the crown, brim and bow.

There are conical hats in which the crown tapers slightly towards the top.

cartata kapelyuh

Also have a regular hat in which the crown and at the top and bottom of equal diameter.

kapelyuh the

Come on, man, now pick the perfect hat for you.



Round face


A round face always looks short, often full. Therefore, in this case, you need a hat that will add a little height with a round face shape.

Crown: medium height and diameter

The taper angle: minor

Bow: a narrow strip of a contrasting color will give the face height

Region: of medium width, without tilt down.

Tilt: just because, as the tilt of the hat on the face makes it shorter.

Recommended hat: Fedora, Gambler, Panama.



A long, narrow face


Do you have this face shape you should choose a hat that shortens the appearance of your face.

Crown: short in height

The taper angle: moderate

Bow: wide contrasting bow shortens the face

Region: moderately wide

Tilt: to the side, with a slight tilt back

Recommended hat: Fedora, Derby, Homburg



«The heavy person», or just a big


Usually, such a person has a heavy top, but the shape narrows to the chin. If you are the owner of this face, you need a hat that balances the upper and lower part of the face.

Crown: from the smallest to medium. Avoid too high.

The taper angle: moderate conical

Bow: medium thickness to thin. The color should be identical to the color of the hat.

Region: of medium width

Tilt: to the side. It is advisable to avoid too much tilt back as it will show your wide forehead

Recommended hat: Fedora, Homburg



Square face


Your goal is to choose a hat that will make the face less square.

Crown: medium height, round and full

The taper angle: the minimum or non-existent

Edge: wide

Tilt: a side tilt will break the square lines of your face. Avoid too much backward tilt.

Recommended hat: Bowler, Homburg



Long nose

the Adrien brody1

The perfect hat for a guy with long noses — one that will split the line from the edge to the tip of the nose.

Crown: medium height , not very pinched front

The taper angle: from minimal to complete absence

Bow: wide and colorful

Edge: wide that extends beyond the edge of the nose

Tilt: to the side

Recommended hat: Fedora



Wide jaw


In this case, you need a hat that balances the strong chin and jaw.

Crown: from medium height to very low. Avoid too high. Select a hat with a side dent — it will give the fullness you need.

The taper angle: minor

Region: of medium width.

Tilt: level, with a slight lateral tilt

Recommended hat: Fedora



Beveled chin


You need a hat that would distract attention from the chin.

Crown: low height

Tilt angle: significant

Bow: narrow

Edge: flat

Tilt: level, with a significant tilt to the side

Recommended hat: Fedora, Porkpie, Trilby



«Ear correction»


If your ears stick out, you need to choose a hat, which they will cover.

Crown: full and moderately high

The taper angle: from minimal to small

Edge: as much as possible to cover the ears and make them look smaller.

Tilt: back

Recommended hat: Fedora, Gambler, Panama



Select the hat color of skin and hair

Most hats look good on any person. But some especially well with certain individuals and hair colors.


The color of the hat color of the person

Ruddy skin: blue, brown, gray

Dark: brown

Dark olive: green or brown

Pale: grey, dark blue


The color of the hat the color of the hair

Red hair: green, brown, blue

Bright: green, grey, brown

Dark: green, grey

Grey hair: grey, green.

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