The people hate to work in a team

Suppose that you found a new job. Well, or continue to work on the old. Or do you finish high school, then to go to work. You can get in life is just great teams, which is fun, productive and interesting to work with. But how many unpleasant colleagues you might meet in your life! Sharing one small room of the division or is divided into sections, the area does not seem such a good idea.

1. Dumb

Sometimes it seems that they are the best colleagues you can imagine. These bro or friend constantly sitting, staring at the monitor, and are engaged in work or their business. In General, the dialogues, the subject is not involved, but if he answers questions in monosyllables. To work with such a person in the same office — one of the best ways to go crazy from absolute frightening silence. This man is impossible to talk on any topic. At first you liked the idea, but then you realize this is real horror. Although, if you’re the same, then you can achieve together. Silent sit in the corner and quietly do their job, simply put, they are the most harmless people in the office, although a little decomposed by the atmosphere in the team, nobody likes a wallflower!

2. Storytellers

Hell, maybe it’s the most annoying people in the office. Seriously, the narrator is the worst of all those with whom you have to work. They constantly tell colleagues all the dull shit that happens in their lives. With them it is almost impossible to work on one area because you either have to take part in the discussion (and not work), or, conversely, not to participate in the discussion and make every attempt to work to step back from the conversations, and voice of the storyteller. He will tell you about what you did over the weekend, where they went with his girlfriend, to tell unfunny jokes and show funny videos on the Internet. On the one hand, this guy could be really interesting, and his story will be interesting to listen to. But how to work in a team, not really clear. The best tactic of them to mow a little.

3. Cool guy

On the one hand, under one scenario it could be the best person you ever have to work. It is a kind of informal leader of the team, which gathers people for a beer on Friday, tells an interesting and not very history and generally behaves like a real alpha male. If it is not much boast about his superiority, it is still possible to live with, but if you constantly listen to how he talks about his mistress, buying new gadgets and all the things he’s cool and they have enough money — it’s not so nice. He can tastefully describe what he does in bed with a girl or in the gym with a barbell. It may look like pediculati to pump the hell with the problems of sexual violence, due to hyperactivity. But it can be quite a tough guy with whom you can befriend and have a good time. Here as lucky.

4. Still interested in politics

Many people agree that office plankton killed all the protest movement in Russia. Here it is, the killer of the Russian opposition, now you’ve met him face to face. This person is insanely annoying, worse than the narrator. It is not that he is interested in politics and what is happening in the country now doing quite a lot. This dude is VERY interested in politics and trying to influence it. He will tell you that was a «picket» (what is this nonsense anyway?) next to some monument in support of Pussy riot. He writes an open letter to some politics in his blog. He yells at the officials in his Twitter: «a Thief!» This person enthusiastically tells you that participated as a volunteer on election, invites you to sign some petition. In the office he tries to discuss with other people, as a rule, absolutely apolitical themes from the category of «rebuilding Russia.» He also tries to discuss the latest legislation, most of which later turn out to be fakes. Contrary to public opinion, such people still exist. Good or bad? This is normal.

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