The past and future of Leonardo DiCaprio

And you thought we were the birthday of God’s son will write about the guest of honor? No, we fear the wrath of the righteous! So rejoice, rejoice, give joy to all. The Lord is coming soon! And we will write about the deity of world cinema.

If we had the honor to chat with Leonardo DiCaprio, I would not ask him the notorious issues on the role of Lenin, which expect from him all the inhabitants of the CIS, about the love to Russia, which it is maturing due to a Russian grandmother, and all of the movie tried to speak. Better about his life, his views, his women, because he once again appears in the photo, where beside him flaunt pulled the tight panties on curvy hips, beautiful. Leo himself is in those moments that emphasized elegant and dressed in shorts. But, unfortunately, to talk to the son of a man by the name of Leonardo DiCaprio does not succeed at least the next century, so will write about it briefly and with love.

Leonardo. Beginning

Leo long was born in 1974 and he was already 41 years old. His appearance happened in the family of two zvezdanutyh a fucking hippie, which, although worked on a fair field (my dad used to draw comics, and his mother was a Secretary at the court), a normal childhood, Leo could not provide. But the mother was able to drive child-actor casting for the role in advertising and other media pleasures, good cute camera guy was not shy and looked like a paedophile’s wet dream.

By the way, about the name, everyone knows the story, no? During pregnancy, the mother of the future stars of the big screen were looking at some painting by Leonardo Da Vinci in a magazine, and just at this point, the child especially hard she was pushed. Father thought it a sign and why no one other than Leonardo from the maternal womb was not expecting. Despite the fact that, like all good hippies, they dispersed in search of happiness, herbs and love, they scatter in different hippy trails, educate the child tried together, that it in no way needed. By the way, with their parents, Lenardo still close. For example, dad reads every script of the picture, whose name is son. Very touching.

But back to the movie, where his childhood, DiCaprio was a success. The guy was selling like hot cakes, and up to 10 years, even had his own agent, who insisted the young man to change the name to bland and boring «lenny Williams, they say, it’s easier. But our hero did not renounce Italian roots! «Santa Barbara», «Problems of growth», «lassie», «Rogue», «Parent» at the time he starred in several television series at once (not counting ads), and everywhere portraying a handsome boy with a vicious inclinations – type, which was given to him best. But if not for the «critters» that Leo would not be a hero generation. The joke, of course, but partially. It was after toothy tresh-shapito, Leonardo Di Caprio called for a serious role in the film «this boy’s Life» where he doesn’t get lost in the shadow of another great Italian Robert De Niro, whose name at that time was not yet tainted «rocky with Bullwinkle».

Then there was the psychotic teenager in the movie «What’s eating Gilbert Grape?», where the main role was given to johnny Depp. Lenya increased pritornoe, was friends with Toby Maguire, and with each picture was to convince the audience that we are approaching a new swerved cinema. He could impressively show breaking in «the basketball diaries» or ardently and enthusiastically fucking poet Verlaine in the image of the poet Rimbaud in oblivion. But there was work, which for a few years, or rather, the whole border two Millenium has determined the attitude of the guy how corny the actor. It was a picture of «Romeo and Juliet» will be remembered mainly by the fact that so over William Shakespeare nobody mocked. And a soundtrack of the Cardigans. Leo did what was required of him, but the fact of the shooting of tear in the youth drama ruined everything.

And then there was the Titanic, and even the author of these lines at the age of nine began to cry, looking like a piece of ice named Jack goes to the bottom (don’t mess with a woman who takes a lot of space, man). With the «Titanic» and the next 5 years, he falls under the attention of all. All waiting to see what will happen to him, what role he is prepared.

And was he prepared for the role of «Man in the iron mask» – movie cheesy, though noticeable. But then there was «the Beach» and the first major category is «Golden raspberry» for the role of the cute and cowardly guy, copulating with everything that has initial signs of a female. His character would’ve fucked a monkey, if given the opportunity.

Richard, whom I played in «the Beach» is one of the most complex characters I have ever met. He constantly contradicts himself and constantly thinks he’s selfish in a special way: it always seems that the grass on the other side is greener. Once it reaches the goal, he rejects her and moves on to the next. And thinks that there more would be better. He’s just «human animal» is neither hero nor villain.

Leonardo Di Caprio has matured

There were a few ambiguous, obscure projects that most Leo do not want to remember, but in 2002 on the screens out two great films: «Catch me if you can» – easy story from Maestro Spielberg, where he is well interacted with Tom Hanks, and another picture from Maestro Scorsese – «gangs of new York» – the bloodthirsty, strict, slightly revive the image and abilities of Leonardo. There was already a perfect Day duet with Lewis. And I must say, Maestro Lewis pulled this bloody soup on level 10 nominations for «Oscar».

The second time Leonardo was nominated for «the Aviator», where he played the odious AviaPromService Howard Hughes went crazy, obsessed with his ideas and writes in the bottle. I must say, the actor managed to convey all the madness that was laid in the picture.

And then it started: a dynamic and unforgettable «the Departed», where Leo is re-played to street. associated with crime, looked more Mature, «blood diamond» – the most serious work of the Leonardo DiCaprio version of the empty-headed critics «shutter Island», the memorable «First», «Django» and the acclaimed «the Wolf of wall Street», after which it became clear that Leo is ripe for «Oscar» and «Oscar» will not give him never. Never. Why? Well I do play, proved that he is Mature actor and he could play Lenin! The last 14 years, he is not lost in the venerable actor’s compositions, and his signature squint and cry proved specificity. So why?

Indeed, why Leonardo DiCaprio does not give an «Oscar»?

The members of the American Academy, including many elderly people are just jealous Beau and fellow Leo, who was flushed with success at an early age, and that between us only does that change the models and enjoying life. It’s not Dustin Hoffman after «the Graduate». Hoffman is one of the greatest actors in history, and who can argue with that worthy horrible disease and notoriety by Sarik Andreasyan, but here DiCaprio surpassed it. This is not a young Jennifer Lawrence, which was awarded because a pretty young Actresses love all of. No matter how good an actor he was, most likely, he, like his mentor Scorsese, will give «Oscar» for years of service, not his best film. Just need to wait for the jury of the Academy will change or just die.

So no matter what role he played, no matter what the PR company he is not satisfied, rewards can not see him. Therefore, the probability that the new film «Survivor» will give him a reward, is actually very small. According to rumors, he’s raped by a bear – Oh, that’s nonsense. A film about the Explorer Hugh glass a different story.

In life

In the life of Leonardo DiCaprio, all is well. Eating for two, changes one model to another. And one more beautiful than the other. Listening to your favorite Elton John, «Seal», «The Velvet Underground», «The Jackson 5» and never steamed. From time to time gives a florid empty interview that he hated the reporters. They generally find it too rough, not the smartest guy. After all, they want scandals, and he is about art. They want confirmation of the rumors about his small penis, and then, as an evil, a new model. They cling to the «Oscar» of failure, and it is about the protection of wild animals. They say, «let’s get a drink», he goes and drinks and still as convoluted and mysterious. And in fact, Leo is easy and can not stand the increased attention to his person.

The absence of a «gold man» it is, of course, disappointing, but if you get in bed lay Gisele Bundchen or Blake Lava, you’d just honed his acting skills and never thought. In addition to animals.

What kind of animals? Normal. Leo loves them. He constantly talks about them, talks about how he’s crying when his cat Germain was killed in a fight with another cat lover and the mother took her by the tail and threw it in the trash, as caught in the pond of frogs and put them in a jar and when I opened the lid, I saw that all the dead frogs.

I’ll never forget them twisted in different poses dead calf. I cried for a long time.There are even Rottweiler rocky who died from epilepsy, if Leonardo did not take it to yourself and not come out. In his childhood Leonardo DiCaprio dreamed of becoming an oceanographer or a transport agent, or a businessman, or a lawyer, but not necessarily to travel the world.

Actually the purpose of my travel would be the only one to see animals on the verge of extinction. I ever want to see Madagascar and the Galapagos. I read about all the animals that are already extinct. And it made me really sad.As you can see, the Saga of the wild and the mutual love of the Amur tigers were not inspired by love for Russia.

Leonid G. DiCaprio

Grandma, Leo maiden name was called Elizabeth Smirnova – I agree, more Russian name is difficult to imagine. And apparently DiCaprio is a little different from the ordinary Russian, especially when wearing a cap, well, clean the lence!

About the resemblance with the Leader of the world proletariat. Leonid is not against to play Lenin, but that’s a decent scenario he’s still not received. He’s a world artist, not a fucking dog! By the way, Leo collects posters the old Russian movies. In some magazine on the issue of citizenship, he said nothing, forced the hacks to stain the bright header «DiCaprio DREAMS ABOUT the RUSSIAN CITIZENSHIP». God forbid. Judging by recent trends, the Americans, who received Russian citizenship, got in the face in the first round.

By the way, except Lenin, DiCaprio is not playing brutal, handsome and kata Soso Dzhugashvili. He is even ready to produce this film. We will wait with impatience, God forbid, happens. And the birthplace of grandparents will help, because in our country it became not just national, but also achieved the highest honor – praise from Putin, who called him «a real man». So even Mikhalkov called.

I would like to wish Leonardo this year? And all the same platitudes in the form of health, happiness and prosperity. By the way, someone promised to wipe America in the dust. If erase – we shelter. In General, it is time for Leo to get married, and then, as Jack Nicholson, life in the loners passes. God forbid, play all the leaders of the world proletariat and to the coveted «Oscar», but it is already tired of these jokes. Smiles to you, Leo, smiles!

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