The party strictly according to the plan

Are you planning to host a party, which proudly going to tell my adult son, and he to his son, and he to his. But how to avoid hungry and angry guests, which came in two times more than you had planned? Calm. Remember. No improvisation. Even the naughty fun to stick to the plan of its Creator.

1. Motive

If you’re planning to hold a themed party, sound the subject a matter of first importance, because the guests have time to prepare.

The historical carnival, the feast of pirates, disco-dancing or intellectual bingo? Define, announce and start collecting different pieces of puzzles, from food to decorations, which will make the gorgeous picture of giddy celebration.

2. Budget

Properly prepared budget will help you resist the expenditures made under the influence of momentary impulse. Put a limit on the total cost of the event. The amount in any case shall not exceed the real possibilities. It seems to be obvious advice, but many people neglect them, barely going to the supermarket, spending the entire amount of money just for some food and drink.

Pay attention to the following key factors:

• number of guests;

• essential food items and their cost;

• the necessary drinks and their cost;

• registration parties (including rent);

• additional costs (photographer, senior, etc.).

The venue of the party, as well as food and beverages account for about half of all necessary expenses. Clearance — 10-15% of all funds. Other expenses, including services of various professionals — 45% of all funds.

3. The guest list

Whoever these people — dignitaries, neighbors, artists, sportsmen, leading, friends or colleagues, send the invitation, specifying the maximum amount of information: date, time, location, dress code, guests to bring friends, etc.

4. Get feedback

You need to know in advance who of the invited guests will lose honor and pleasure to attend your party. As this has a direct effect on the size of the allocated budget. Do you have guests with any special requests, they’ll bring a crowd of relatives. You need to prepare for any possible surprises.

5. Plan decoration

This paragraph follows from the first item.

Than you can decorate the party venue? Balloons, sculptures, work of art, confetti, plastic toys, grills, tablecloths, or gifts in memory of evening? Use your imagination and write down everything that comes to mind.

6. The list of dishes and drinks

It’s time to eat, drink and be merry! Well, at least your job as the host of the party, to do so. Write a list, think in what shops you can buy cheaper. And let the purchase of products will not be for a couple of hours before the event. Plus, think about the method of delivery of the products.

7. Music

If you have an obsession with the sounds of heavy metal, it does not mean that your enthusiasm was shared by all guests. Try to choose something neutral. If funds allow, hire this case a specially trained person, that is DJ.

8. Make a list of all current Affairs

Oh yeah… you need to make a list of what you will do on the list. Date, time, meetings, phone calls, arrangements. Nothing should circumvent your attention in the pursuit of excellence.

9. Cleaning

If the party is successful, this does not mean that you can relax and have a rest. And nobody said it would be easy! At least you, the organizer of this noble cause.

What props you’ll have to return to the rightful owners, the cleaning company will take over work at cleaning up debris and washing of the tower of Babel from the plates and glasses. And if some poor SAP will ask you, purely out of politeness, he can do something to help you, without delay suchi him, already prepared a list.

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