The ones Jamie and Adam, Mythbusters

These guys checked, it is dangerous to urinate on the rail under tension, destroyed cell phones, buried myself alive, beating each other with bottles and did everything to prove, they lie to us Hollywood, people, urban myths and a lot of different shit. Hell, I love these guys.

The idea of the program emerged in 2002 on the discovery channel, three pilot issue what people liked so much that it was decided that transfer to be. Who to invite to the role of leading? Those who understands what is going to do quite charismatic and well understand in entertainment and engineering. How cool that these guys actually exist!

Permanent leading the program were Jamie hyneman and Adam savage. Heineman aka «the Walrus» was born in Michigan and graduated from Indiana University with a diploma (suddenly!) in Russian language and literature… in General, the passion in different unexpected things and love to adventure was Jamie very often. After graduation he unexpectedly went to the island and there began the business of renting yachts and dive boats. Dude a lot of times submerged in the depths of the ocean so that Cousteau would have been happy with them. But this quickly bored him, and the man decided to engage in the field of special effects, which in the eighties had only raised his head. Of course, great business Jamie just did not take, but he, like any man who sincerely wanted to achieve in life, decided not to break with the dream. He swept up the set, doing menial work, and some time later he was commissioned to do the scenery of wood and drywall. Soon he noticed that he spent in the company of Colossal Pictures for almost 16 years, then man has established his own firm with the visual effects, M5 Industries, which is participating in all editions of «Mythbusters». Together with Adam hyneman did the special effects for the movie «the Matrix» and «Star wars I and II episodes». In addition, Heineman cool guy with non-humanitarian mentality, which makes it even more cool.

One of Heinemann Adam savage is also an extraordinary person. Acting child when the voices of the characters of «sesame Street.» During his eventful life, the man managed to work as an animator, toy maker, designer, graphic designer, carpenter, mechanic and a specialist in special effects, which now remains. The transfer In contrast to Jamie plays the role of a good-natured nerd with dynamite, which cheers us, joking and sets off the dark «Walrus» Heinemann. Adam savage, however, as the whole cast of «Mythbusters» — ardent opponents of creationism, which support the testing… of natural selection. You heard right! «To have no boundaries — let’s look at natural selection! I’m tired of 50% of the population of this country thinks creationism is reasonable and acceptable. It’s awful. I may have a unique chance to sell this idea to discovery, and they should, they would allow me to do it, and I would have gone out of their way to conduct such a test». Wish the dudes good luck in this difficult matter, it’s worth it! Adam, like me, loves the film «blade Runner razor» and review it once a year. Together with Heinemann savage — just a gorgeous Duo!

Also, «colleague» of these two guys — a mannequin named Buster. This guy constantly have partially replaced, and some series completely destroyed in the explosion and other troubles. But still this does not prevent him from being an important member of the team and a character transfer.

The hut-hut-hut woman is, of course, Kari Byron — girl-gadget. Of course, the archetype of the girl with the head and hands in the right place is extremely attractive and much more appealing than hot Chicks. This person cool shot of the minigun, throws dynamite, builds kawaii faces, and if desired, assemble something with your hands. Science bless these women! In addition, Cary is a vegetarian and an atheist, and she left the show because she got pregnant. Eh…


Is Byron there are other gadget, for example, strict Jesse Combs, a real specialist in metal processing. Jesse graduated from the Wyoming Institute of technology with a very harsh specialty «post-accident repair of cars.» Where? Where are these beautiful women?!


In the program dudes manage to deny, partially deny, and confirm the well-known myths and various urban legends that fills the earth. The list of myths that dudes checked for accuracy in the transmission for 12 seasons, just gigantic. Among them there are famous for all type of Mentos and Cola, barrels and bricks falling from the bridge, and there are historical type of the sinking of the Titanic, the destruction of the bridge under action steps, and various urban legends type of breast implant explosion airplane or the ability of birds to break the windshield of the car.

To refute the myths — it is terrible and traumatic. Dude, of course, could not by number of injuries to outdo Jackie Chan, but a lot of them! Then Adam’s face got burned, Jamie nearly fainted from the smell of rotting carcasses, the set threw incandescent fragments. Horror, in one word! However, eggs do not have children.!

First, the transmission is good because it promotes science. So, with explosions, whistles, perdelkami, beautiful and strong women, but, dude, why is that bad? This is the right guys that are doing the right thing, that’s all! You can say some of the myths they tried to deny, were able to confirm or refute other dudes? This is true, but Adam and Jamie admit their mistakes, as befits a normal kid.

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