The older you get, the more I hate people

If, after reading the title you nodded, then congratulations, you’re turning into a mumbling old and cranky grandfather perdida, to whom all women are prostitutes, men are scum, and the youth — degenerates and drug addicts. On TV are liars, relatives hypocritical creature, dream of your early death, and generally is not a planet, but a bunch of idiots. All this goes, however, my dear, there are reasons.

1 the older you get, the more people commit


In the disney songs about friendship, love and selflessness mentioned only a small part of the planet. I would not like to appear dissatisfied, and abandoned all pensioners, but for the most part, especially with age, material and the thirst for profit is finally wins the man of high and well. As a result, the friends become traitors, and decent people are complete scum. Unfortunately, life itself tells such an ignoble way because to be honest much more difficult.

Maybe when you 18-20 and life has not beaten you by the human betrayal, it seems that all is not so gloomy. But the truth is that count on people not worth it.

2 to Be the soul of the company becomes boring in time

Somewhere at the age of 12 years to you realize that to become popular, visible and in demand to get a girlfriend, and friends, you need to be the center of attention. And up to 50 years, you’re trying, cracking jokes, telling great stories and gaining a reputation as a cheerful clown who will certainly need to call on a holiday, just for fun.

But the belly is growing, stories end and become boring. In old age there is a circle of friends who already know all the jokes, and lost flexibility brain tired to come up with something. Besides, you tried so hard to be the soul of the company that did not have time to enjoy socializing with people. And now you just want to pay attention to myself, to be alone, because people get tired, no matter how they treated you.

3 People ruin everything

How many good ideas can break up man! Stupid people, ruining everything, starting from childhood, when some little thing breaks the game and destroys its own fictional rules and presence, and ending relationships, because it was good, but it fool wanted more. Was the normal Empire or destroyed. Started to build communism, it seems things can get no, people blew it. Start making normal beer, you’re drinking, sweating and literally writing out of happiness, and one day, greedy owners feel sorry for the good raw materials for a quality product, and it turns out disgusting. Ugh, I despise!4 Boring nerds kill the love for all living beings


Unnecessary people do not exist, even the most boring roommate, the most unwanted and invisible colleague leaves an imperceptible mark in life. You may not notice, but even after the interactions with the tedious, boring, obscure people, you start to choose people bright, extraordinary, and funny. Well, or Vice versa. After talking to boring and strange companions becomes boring as hell. So that any thirst for communication disappears.

5 99% of the people you meet are hypocrites

Normal, the pleasure of human interaction, implies sincerity and openness. I would like to know what you said has at least some opinion, it does not send you 3 strange letters. Unfortunately, most of the people in your life, and will not tell you the whole truth, even if it is necessary, will not be sincere to the end, being confident in you, and will be decorating that should not be decorated.

6 Through the Internet easier

Perhaps this is the main reason. Why communicate with people in person, if the communication via the Internet is much easier to pick arguments, without the fear of becoming the owner of a broken nose. After all, you yourself enjoying a movie, playing computer or just being obtuse for the monitor than interact with people. And if so, why are you surprised suddenly from somewhere holding a hatred for all living things?7 Boring party

One of the reasons we don’t like partying is our… how can I say this… Well, slop parties! Your friends take you with me, to strangers, cling to them like frightened little Koala for a Koala mom, trying to figure out what’s going on, and then notice what is left all alone with a cocktail at the ready, and no one talks to you.

8 No tolerance to another’s way of life


People are always annoying and will irritate people who live not as they. And begin the endless teachings, you ignoramus, explain that all your achievements — this is nonsense, and anyway, it’s time to tackle the head.

Legions of nravouchitel believe that they know what is good and what is bad, and therefore, they will to the last breath you drip on the brain.

9 the longer you live, the worse people treat you

When you’re a kid, all around coddle you. When you’re a teenager, you all teach. When you’re an adult, you all hate waiting, when you finally begin to receive the benefit. And that’s just relatives.

10 Complexes and imperfection

Many are trying to give people a good impression. But clothing is not limited, you need to get rid of dandruff (and it is a shame, all in white flakes as the guard of the Night’s Watch in the spray of yogurt), the stench from the oral cavity, and somehow solve the weight problem. Because you’re not full, you disgusting fatty!

Close friends are not shy to tell you the drawbacks, and you’re trapped in a cage of their own systems, you begin to suspect everybody here thinks you’re a joke. After this and not want to live, not what to communicate with people.11 Expectations that you’ll be treated the same way as you people

Ideally, it should be, but in reality, as usual, Vice versa. I like people — well done. Want them to treat you the same way? But fuck you! The harsh truth of life?

12 Fights beat out sympathy for the people

Sometimes after the fight people become friends, but when you fight too often, any sympathy evaporated like the scent of cheap deodorant. They are not just in the empty place there. Apparently, you just knocked all the love for humanity. In the literal sense.

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