The North Koreans believe that Americans eat birds on Tuesdays

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Dude, North Korea is also a country! Not so long ago, in the leaked footage and, subsequently, the movie is a propaganda film about the United States. From him we learned that North Korea has very specific views on Americans.

The Americans depicted in the film as incredibly stupid (Hello Zadornov). Besides, each of them is an addict, and heroin. But it’s not so bad the wonders of North Korean propaganda.

If the American is not a drug addict, he’s got a gun and he shoots his compatriots. American society is exceptionally poor, on Tuesdays they eat birds and stoked the snow to make coffee.

Every American alone, but homosexual, living in poverty and, obviously, wants to live in North Korea. The gay American is much warmer.

And so they live… Poor Americans. And in Korea, even allow you to get a haircut, a luxury, not life!

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