The Nokia XL


Once the Nokia logo was a guarantee of reliability. Now the company still meet the budget smartphones that you can give your older or younger relatives. Smartphone Nokia XL, not particularly noteworthy or interesting, just one of them. It is noteworthy that Nokia is a huge number of color variations for this model of phone, such diversity I have never met.

The Nokia display is of type IPS matrix and a diagonal of 5 inches, resolution — 800×480. Responsible for the performance of a dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor whose clock speed is 1 GHz. The amount of RAM is small — a maximum of 768 MB, but for such a device is not particularly critical. For the performance of the toy meets old card Adreno 203. Under the data storage allocated very little space, some 4 gigabytes, who are these please? But you can splurge on the memory card and increase the storage capacity of the device up to 32 gigabytes. There is a rear camera with 5MP front camera, unfortunately, no. The battery capacity of 2000 mAh, the manufacturers say that this will be enough for 16 hours of talk time and in standby mode, the Nokia XL will last a little more than 720 hours. The bad thing is that Nokia XL requires a Micro-SIM, it slightly reduces its potential. Another advantage of mobile — light weight, only 190 grams.

Despite the fact that the device runs on Android 4.2, the interface resembles the «tile» Windows. It is possible to fully customize the main menu, everything is pretty clear and convenient. By the way, the price for such a functional bite for Nokia XL will have to pay almost 7 thousand rubles.

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