The no-friend zone: when a friendship is just friendship

manygoodtips.com_3.06.2014_CiCYdgFWcDcKWSuch a thing as «friend zone», undoubtedly, exists. Another thing is that under Franzoni we often understand the relationship that we do not go. What’s wrong with fashion in the friend zone? The fact that most often we find her completely wrong. Go to their relatives and ask them if they know what «the friend zone»? Most likely, they will think that it does not exist, because the Tips are quite fine to be friends and to chat with the girls. We assure you that the older generation of the «friend zone» is just a Mercantile relationship that doesn’t deserve a separate definition. There are things much worse than the friend zone and the concept of the friend zone is quite vague. It is difficult to determine whether you a girl or just can’t tell you to your face that he doesn’t want to see you, not to offend.

1. The friend zone is when you are

And especially do not notice your suffering. If you two know that you love her, but she turned you down under one pretext or another is not the friend zone. It’s a polite rejection. If you help her, and she could easily lend you the money to pay, feed dinner and give shelter for the night is not the friend zone. If you are dealing with the same interests, actively something to share, but crazy for her (and she knows or guesses), this is not the friend zone. This is an attempt to maintain a pleasant relationship when your partner fell in love with you. Most often it’s depressing and makes no sense. To appreciate everything that the girl feels in this moment, we offer you to imagine a situation in which your friend confesses to you in love.

2. Sometimes it’s just a friendship

Why women want a gay friend.? Yes, because with him you can be friends but no sex. And like a man, but it seems not quite. Girls do not regard every man on the principle of «would» or «would not» if she doesn’t know who. The same applies to us. Sometimes girls absolutely naive to want to be friends, while guys want more and think that they will friendzone.

3. Of friend zone won’t attack you

If you were in such a relationship, we must not blame the girl, and only you, because voluntary slavery do you agree, and nobody was pulling his balls! If you said twenty times, that won’t work, and you still run after her and shining with adoring eyes, you are to blame. And it’s not even the friend zone is bullshit.

4. You don’t owe

Do you seriously think that every woman that you like, have to want you back? We’ll disappoint. «We choose, choose us…» — well, you know, shorter.

Can you be not to her liking for various reasons: looks, figure, you seem frivolous or simply not drawn. If she doesn’t return your love, but it does not cease to communicate with you, it means nothing either. She could be one of those people who don’t want to end communication, if you have not done anything wrong. We often hear from friends: «I don’t understand! I did everything right! I was listening to what she says about her ex, I was good to her, and I even bought her some dinner! Why she rejected me?»

Do you really think that all girls are given a cheesecake? The poor males in the animal world is also trying, but this does not mean that if a pigeon will fluff tail, dove immediately he was given. Feeding dinner and protrusion of the breast in a male dove is a fee for entry into the race, and not a guarantee of victory.

If the girl is normal, and you listened to her, she’s more likely to treat you as a good guy or friend. And all this for the simple reason that until people have forgotten how to do good deeds and listen to each other.

5. Not always nice guys finish last

It is necessary to understand the difference between a nice guy and a doormat. Some comrades manage to correctly listen to the complaints of women and to sex, and some do not succeed. Apparently, the fact that will listen to you as such a reliable brick wall and will make you feel protected, or listen, as a shoulder that will cry with her. In life many examples of guys with average looking women get a lot of natural charm, the ability to empathize, sense of humor and even some witchcraft. Sometimes openly wonder: fat, bloated, but ladies love.

6. Do you think

The girl you think is cute, she smiles at you, and probably she likes you. Waiting for her action, but she just continues to smile. And then-either nothing happens, or you, to my shame come to her and call her out, except she doesn’t want. The problem is that she just cares, but not flirts. She is a sociable extrovert, who used to behave thyself contrived and feigned interest in your person. And he was offended. Like a woman, man!

7. You must own the someone Franzoni, but did not notice

About girls is a concept usually does not occur, but it also exists. Many who can remember the girl that chased them and they did not like, and send it out in the open was uncomfortable. The problem is that girls try to forget it as a nightmare. Guys often telling everybody about it.

8. You have your type of girls too

Someone like Beyonce, and someone Sasha grey. Some girls only like brunettes, and some — only Blonds. Someone likes only thin and tall, and someone with a paunch. It happens.

9. You’re an adult, don’t complain

To say that you were in the friend zone, is to complain about life. To complain — Fig.

10. You got dissed

Let’s be honest, man. 90 percent of cases so-called the friend zone is when you are dumped, but you don’t want to admit it and I run beside her, trying with gifts and services to gain her trust. To itself spiteful Buratino.

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