The new year is close: a few more ideas for gifts

Do you think that New year still far away, and you will have time to buy gifts for his family and friends, but in fact it is already close. The buzz in the shops and traffic jams are already talking about the fact that the main event of the year is not far off. So remember all your friends, girlfriends, children, nephews and other relatives podschitany finances and choose gifts.

Mini hand log splitter

The times when axe was a popular weapon that were held, and now use it for more practical purposes — they are chopping wood. Waving them Aki the ancient Scythians, of course, exciting, but can be dangerous both for themselves and for others. In addition, we need exceptional power to cut knotty oak log and pump dexterity in order not to remain without legs.

Fortunately there are now excellent solutions for splitting firewood. One of them is a mini hand axe. Give a possible father, grandfather or friend, who live out of town and heat the house in the old way. Even grandma — she would have no problem with it, because the design and idea as simple as brilliant. The log splitter comprises a large blade mounted on the stand and limits of the ring, in which is placed a piece of wood. Just hit the wood with a small hammer, and firewood for you.

Efforts almost don’t need a powerful blade with edges easily split even the toughest wood. The ring does not allow her to fall, and wood to scatter. You can cut as big logs and making kindling for the fire. Overall, a great gift for those who love comfort and practicality.


I should say, especially dangerous. Because to give it is very harsh to a friend or bearded hairy friend (well and suddenly?), whose grip is like steel pressures, and senile tremor — a distant and unfamiliar condition, which is still live and live. Unless, of course, life will not end early due to the threat of the razor.

We exaggerate, but not for nothing that this razor was given such a name. To properly sharpen, you need a shutter speed of a dwarf blacksmith, and not to inflict injuries incompatible with life — the agility of the wood elves. But only this kind of razor will help you to feel yourself a man with a capital letter and gives the skin perfect smoothness. To choose razor just: it must be made from quality high carbon steel, and it should be comfortable grip. It must need to purchase additional accessories to keep it in perfect condition.

So if you have a friend who always complains of the imperfection of the modern razors, and his beard is dark as murkwood, the razor is a good and necessary gift.


How can you relax and at the same time ask a thrashing rascisim brain? Of course, to solve some complex puzzle! Especially interesting in this case is spatial. They involve a lot of parts of the brain gyrus confused as much as she confused gomolyaka. To give such a person, who does not stop before the difficulties and are willing to challenge their intelligence, spending hours or even days for a solution.

We found hundreds of puzzles in the shop smart gifts to Dumka. If you need something more complicated, look at such puzzles as «Enigma» or «Aqua». The girl can give «Cupid», and if you want to please the younger generation, «Galaxy of Archimedes» or «Boxes».

And they are all very original look. Assembled the puzzle you can decorate the table or put on the shelf as a symbol of their extraordinary intelligence. And those that are smaller to take with you as a keychain or stylish accessory.

A virtual reality helmet

Here we come to the gift for gamers. Virtual reality technology is rapidly entering our lives, and soon they overwhelm the whole planet. All the major technology companies develop this direction: it is somewhere where, as in Microsoft, Google and Facebook know exactly what should be our future. And to touch him right now — virtual reality helmets allow you to do it without any cost.

You can buy one from the guys of Virtuality Club is the first club network of virtual reality. The best option for a gift, we think, is a set of VR BOX 2.0, a gift to which is a certificate for a set of VR games for the smartphone. VR glasses BOX is an inexpensive option that will work with smartphones from 4.7 to 6 inches and allow to plunge into the world of virtual reality without any cost. Along with the helmet comes with a remote control for the smartphone, and the lens can be adjusted along the axes.

By the way, with points you can not only play in VR games, 360-videos on YouTube and others, do not welcome law resources. We strongly recommend to visit Virtuality Club — from this day until the end of the Christmas holidays where you can get up to 20% by the code word «». In short, this is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the latest achievements of the above mentioned companies in the field of VR technology. Your friend will surely appreciate such a gift, the main thing, then not to admit it to the mower.

Glass ball with snow

There are things that are immediately associated with New year. Maybe some are Christmas movies, smell of tangerines, is Coca-Cola. Some of it is traffic jams and queues in supermarkets. But there is such a thing, which is known to everyone, and seeing him, all at once think about the New year. This glass snow globe.

This warm and gracious gift that will immerse your friends in your childhood memories and will decorate your desktop. Maybe your friend never had such toys, but she dreamed of it in childhood. In this case, you will realize her little dream. Snow globes come in different sizes and their contents. A cozy little worlds in the extraordinary beauty where you can dive in and speculate about the future, forgetting about the problems that will be a good gift for those who are not deprived of sense of beauty, and still believes in fairy tales. So, is sentimental. You didn’t think we were restricted loggers with intelligence tarpaulin boots?

Urban backpack

If nature was more rational, we would now have a great leather bags on the backs of to put MacBook and my mom’s lunch. But alas, evolution is blind, and we have to correct his mistakes and to solve the challenges faced in the world of offices and regular travel. Essential thing that should be in every city backpack.

Boasts of its wide range of urban and not only backpacks can store Thstore. Here you can find a great universal type models CROSSOVER DAYPACK or ENROUTE TRIUMPH, which will easily accommodate a 15 inch laptop, tablet, water bottle and lunchbox.

Both models have a volume of 21 l and a special protective SafeZone compartment for equipment and points. Used in the manufacture of high-strength materials that do not absorb moisture and dirt, they can be safely worn complex equipment without fear of breakage.

If you give the backpack a stock, you can choose the model of the CROSSOVER 32 liter — it has all the advantages of the previous two, but the volume allows you to take it not only outside, but and camping. Suitable for those who travels a lot, or people whose work involves regular visits with a bunch of tools and equipment. All models are very practical because of the forethought: light, durable and even after many years, will serve faithfully.

Set bartender

Perhaps the most common New year’s gifts is a book and a bottle. Well, the holiday is not of a personal nature, and that all donated money. But books nowadays rarely read, throwing them to the far shelf, and to give the drink boring. Especially if your friend is experienced with alcohol and the taste determines the value of the gene.

Therefore, in order to destroy the notorious alcoholic stereotype, recommend you a very different gift, but all with the same theme. We are talking about bartending kits from a store Home Bar. Every lover of good booze for once in my life wanted to feel like a bartender, but he lacked supplies, and everything you need, and in addition the book with 50 recipes for popular cocktails and step by step instructions for their preparation.

Sets prepared by the professional bartenders who have invested in them only what they want to work themselves. Each item is made qualitatively and on conscience, not out of cheap plastic.

Smartphone Power Evo Rage

Surprisingly, many people still use the old push-button phones, rejecting the benefits of modern technology. Some simply have not tried a touch of smart, while others consider them to be excessive. Of course, until you try a week to walk with them. Opportunities outweigh the disadvantages, and those that love to cite as an example the opponents of the smartphone have been solved.

For example, recently the brand Highscreen released model Power Rage Evo. What immediately catches the eye — volume battery 4000 mAh, there are very few smartphones with this capacity. Most manufacturers make models with a non-removable battery, and after it will significantly subside, only to throw away the smartphone. Moreover, in this case, more humane — removable battery here.

The advantages also include the top-end processor. 4-nuclear MediaTek and RAM of 3 GB will be enough for any work tasks, while smart will not be in vain to capture the battery. It features a 5-inch IPS display with a resolution of 1280 by 720 pixels is also a positive effect on the duration of operation of the device.

4G, GLONASS and GPS now no surprise, just say that it’s all there. Two SIM card, memory card slot and camera on 13 and 5 MP makes the smartphone a good workhorse with advanced features for those who need all the modern bun. It seems we have forgotten nothing, except the price is 11,990 rubles, which is much cheaper counterparts. So we can safely give the child, parents, or even grandma — everyone will be happy.

Air gun

So genetically happened that the male species is experiencing unexplained cravings to arms. It is enough to take him in hand, to feel the rush of femininity and feel like a real brutal. In each of us a glimmer of a mighty warrior feels a surge of energy and delight from the mere sight of weapons. However, the law carefully restricts the weapons in the wrong hands. Therefore it is better to not buy firearms, and pneumatic combining the makings of a formidable weapons, luxury toys for respectable people and especially sports equipment.

Since ancient times, the weapons were given only respected and worthy members of the human race, and therefore so expensive and responsible a gift to symbolize respect for the man. But at the same time, it is purely a male present, so it is ideal for those people that you appreciate and respect immensely, who do not mind to make such a valuable gift.

In an attempt to find quality and reliable air gun at a reasonable price, we went through a lot of sites until I stumbled on a shop Weapon Shop. It hurt us models like, Crosman C-TT and Borner W3000(M) caliber 4.5 mm. In essence it copies the combat counterparts, which, thanks to the work of talented artists brought to perfection, maximum convenience, and more secure. Moreover, these products do not require licenses or other documents for purchase and wear, so that they can buy any citizen of our country.


A good universal gift for all time and for any reason — is, of course, tea. Especially in Russia. We somehow love more than in other countries (well, except England). And what could be better than a warming Cup of tea in the cold Russian winter morning? Tea contains many active substances that positively affect the body, particularly the brain, and provide energy to start the day.

On the nose the New year and for this holiday you can give someone the gift of a delicious and beautiful tea gift sets. For example, ginger-tangerine black tea, which in addition to the original flavor has the ability to relieve stress and muscle pain. If you need a nice presentable package, then fit a set of «Time for Miracles» — just in time for the New year.

But tea is never too much, so you can purchase a set of «greetings from Santa Claus» — in this three tea. «Tea Mulled wine», which is based a spice mixture of ground ginger and cardamom; the «intimate Evening» with the scent of summer meadows with a hint of malic acidity; and «Tangerine», which after welding will absorb the flavors of cinnamon, anise, fennel seeds, cloves and nutmeg. Very interesting combination that will appeal to fans of unusual flavors.

3D pen

Probably over the last 5 years no device has brought us closer to technology like 3D printers. But best of all, almost anyone can become an owner of the device that made of plastic threads can create anything, even a piece of furniture, even the dishes.

But is such a device serious money, and not everyone can afford to give it as a Christmas gift. However, there is a smaller gadget with similar capabilities — the 3D pen. This device, which can be used to draw not only on paper but in the air. This is the perfect gift for creative individuals who can not wait to transfer image beauty a tangible form.

This pen will definitely come in handy in everyday life — for example, you can seal loose knots, to repair damaged plastic components, or to create a prototype for research activities.

A kit for making mulled wine

Winter should be cold and fun. With the first we were more fortunate than the southern countries, but the second depends only on us. And we wouldn’t want to offend uncle Mendeleev, but instead of the traditional Russian alcoholic drink is best served with a mulled wine, which is able to warm and cheer. But not simple, and made self — only, this mulled wine has the right to life.

If you’re one of us disagrees, then a good gift for the New year will be a kit for making mulled wine. There, where we found him, he Packed in a presentable box made of wood, and if you ask, then it and the glasses included in the kit will strike a beautiful engraving. The kit includes a bottle of red wine, 2 glasses, a mixture of spices in a bag, floral honey, surely kumquat, dried cranberries, and a honey stick. So, ingredients to create this classic mulled wine much more than the soup, which cooks your girlfriend. But not to worry — there is a detailed instruction on cooking, so that would work out.

To give a set as one, and your boss or business partner. One will surely call for you to cook mulled wine together, the boss will increase, and the business partner will give you the gift of a controlling stake in the company.

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