The new tablet TurboPad 911 from the B-brand

manygoodtips.com_31.07.2014_2V9W6wbHoZRwmAnother B-brand tablets, and computers spill the Russian and Chinese Assembly knocked at our «Inventory» and therefore the following discussion focuses on the new tablet TurboPad 911. As you know, most cheap Android tablets and smartphones on the market today – is the production of B-brands that make large orders of the various devices in the Asian factories involved in the localization of the mass, packaging design and other elements, logistics, sales, service support, etc. In the production of B-brands you won’t find any incredible know-how and tough material, however, the ratio of price and quality is good and proven companies are usually on the level.

TurboPad 911 is powered by a chipset with a dual-core processor MTK8312 ARM Cortex A7 and frequency of 1300 MHz, the graphics is Quad-core chip Mali-400. Managed the whole system a «chocolate» operating system Android KitKat 4.4. RAM 1 GB is sufficient for most apps and simple games built-in memory is 8 GB. Well, and if not enough, you can always add more via microSD cards up to 32 GB.

9 inch TurboPad 911 shows an image with a resolution of 1024×600 pixels.

This is not the limit of dreams, but to watch your favorite TV series and working out in The Walking Dead will be quite a comfort. Plus this solution almost does not load the iron tablet, the device runs very smoothly and quickly. In TurboPad 911 there are connectors for two SIM cards (working alternately), and feature Phone. You put your ear to that whopper you can try, and it will look funny, but better if I need to make a call, use the headset.

Why and who should use this tablet? Yourself or as an inexpensive gift to the girl if dear you have not earned or just prefer to live frugally and without a fancy nameplates and tags. For mom as her first personal tablet. Don’t forget, mothers and even grandmothers – also easy to get hooked on YouTube, quickly learn to go with the tablet on classmates, solitaire and to reach you in Skype.

In General, TurboPad 911 is quite a universal thing and also as tablets other B-brands will fit undemanding users. And the best part is the price 4990 roubles. But it is possible to find and cheaper.

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