The new portion of the male stereotypes that do not fit most men

This is fettered by stereotypes of society, every day is a new measure of courage. We with this state of Affairs does not agree, because the measure most often far-fetched. Anyway, it’s a shame in the era of multilateralism and opportunities to volunteer to become a one size fits all with millions. So we will endlessly fire. So read and be quiet, if you share the author’s opinion.

Striptease, Striptease, live Striptease


It’s one thing if you live in some remote seaside town where everything closes after 21, and in the off-season went to admire the shabby charms of beautiful women, because you’re 40 and your wife has not become more beautiful after third birth.

But I can’t understand when the movie shows how a company of several young guys going to the strip. Why? To stealthily hide from each other sticks boner? Is it not possible to go to a club, find girls for tonight or watch porn at least?

Not a second without sport

There are people in whom the loss of the beloved «Banner of labor» causes borderline condition. And there are those who, realizing the futility of their moral investment, he gave up the idea.

In the end, many do not like sports, they even match of the KHL is another reason to eat and drink. There are a few clubs that meets expectations, but nothing more. The world is not divided into those who go into the stands, and those who despise sport. The world is divided into those who are interested and those who are not interested. Not fond of watching Boxing, football, hockey and Olympic games normally. Even I admit I belong to that category, which is painfully aware of the lose of your favorite clubs and even interested in the situation of the Greek football Superleague.

Automotive master

According to numerous movies, the man isn’t a man until until you spend hundreds of hours with a wrench in hand, picking hemispherical engine repaired them the same old car.

However, not all have the funds for the car. Not everyone wants to spend money on tuning. Not all love cars, even if it’s atmospheric old Mustang. What you don’t know the structure of the car and not wipe his sweaty brow oil cloth, you do not become worse.

If you don’t run in the car every night on the town, breaking the motor farts tranquility of citizens, you’re not getting worse and certainly don’t become less manly. Believe me, most people, having inherited a biting, vintage car, sell it to the devil, for it is impractical.

Bar fight


Who goes to a bar to fight? Here you go? No? And I’m not. In our editorial nobody goes. Maybe in the cold war, with the excess pathetic dudes the owner of the pub every day have to order new chairs instead of old, but in reality, the phrase «let’s get out, let’s talk» or «Allow me to drag feet» are not as often as about how your mom thinks, unwilling to let you go in this «hotbed of vices.»

The whole world loves ass

Ass is fine, but not when they are everywhere. Now in the world as if an overdose of assholes. Asses everywhere: in advertising, in public, in magazines. Boobs gone, face gone, all focus is on the women’s Asses covered. Ass is certainly good, however, if their culture promotes, does not mean that other parts of the body like the strong half of mankind. Moreover, it does not mean that, preferring Boobs, you’re a very unmanly personality. Nothing like fashion is one thing, but part of the female body is beautiful without exception. One is sure to love the ladies and exclusively their body parts.

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